>When Life Comes Marching In

>This is another of those blog posts where I explain I’m not doing a blog post. In this case it is because life has been far too much with me.
That life takes the form of a little 21 year old cat who developed diabetes is a mere coincidence. What matters is that my time suddenly disappeared down a circling vortex of cleaning – she completley broke litterbox habit for two weeks – testing cat blood sugar and administering insulin.
Normally this wouldn’t be a big deal. But because I was in the final phase of assembling/polishing a novel when this struck, I got pulled out of the novel. (For some reason the final phase needs tremendous concentration and “being there”) I’ve been working very hard, for two days, to get “back in.” At this point a blog post article can be enough to pull me out of the novel and the mood.
So, with due apologies….
I’ll be back 😉


  1. >Know what you mean about the concentration needed on first draft to pull the ending together. Hope you can sort things out with your cat. Poor thing.My cat (barely 6 months old) went on heat. I had to keep her locked up and she did not like it. So I let her out to visit the family. While she was rolling on the floor casting coy glances over her shoulder one of my teenage sons asked why human females didn’t carry on like this. Trust a teenage male!Cheers, R

  2. >Deetee is doing better, though we know it can’t be for long. She is, after all, twenty one.And Rowena, as for the kitty in heat… When Deetee was young she was clearly in love with Dan. She used to give him this look like she had the misguided hope he would somehow change into a boy cat. She also used to give me the look that meant “You know, he’s really MINE.”The book… is finally coming together. But Gah, it’s taking forever.Sarah

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