>Writer finds Inspiration

>For Christmas my darling husband bought me the original 80s TV series Brideshead Revisited. So I’ve spent the last 2 weeks feasting on the clothes and the settings.

Because I have a background as an artist my thoughts turned to Leyendecker, a contemporary of Norman Rockwell. These are examples of his work. In my favourite painting of his, there’s a starving artist, wrapped in a blanket, painting a feast, while cooking a sausage over a burner. Having lived as a starving artist, trying to make a living illustrating children’s books, I can really relate to that painting. Actually Leyendeck and his brother did really well as illustrators.

Currently I’m working on a novella set in the very near future. In this world there’s been a retro-thirties revival. The story starts in a heritage listed, Art Deco mansion on the Brisbane River where a murder has been committed.

Since I’m writing a near-future, noir, paranormal mystery, love story, the look and feel of Leyendecker’s art has inspired me. I’ve been researching Art Deco buildings and fashions. In the end only a small fraction of what I’ve researched will appear in the story but, hopefully, the odd reference here and there will give it the flavour I want.

And because I’m ‘god’ while writing this story, my detective will be driving a retro-Airflow powered by something eco-friendly. Haven’t decided what yet. The story is set in the early 2030s. But here’s the car that inspired me.All I need now, is time at my computer without constant interruptions by my teenage sons, who want to know important thinks like, what’s for dinner, Mum?

Cheers, R


  1. >Cool! I just saw an exhibit of film costumes that included some styles of this type. So very classy.I recommend the soundtrack from Gosford Park for background music when writing this sort of piece, if you like writing to music.

  2. >I do SO suck at clothes! 🙂 I can – I believe – write plausible romantic scenes, but really drop the ball with clothes, even damped muslins… Now I know another person to ask for help.(and will happily reciprocate with how to fall off things and drowning 101)My dearest gave me 1000 page plus Australian cookbook for Christmas. Now, your kids’ question would be answered by that!Wallaby pie anyone?

  3. >I stand in awe of the details of the research needed for historical work of any sort.And you’re way ahead of the curve, dinner-wise. When my kids found me immersed in a story (Years ago, before they flew the coop), tended to ask “Mom? Are you burning dinner? Again?”

  4. >I saw Gosford Park and enjoyed it. Love classic Jazz. So my idea of fun is to put on Ella. My daughter is doing Jazz vocals at the Conservatorium. She has a voice like rich dark chocolate. As for Wallaby pie, Dave, my boys would stage a revolution!

  5. >They’d never eat wallaby pie. They are not adventurous!Did you visit Launz in Tasmania? I’m sure he could cook up a great wallaby pie. He’d probably shoot it with an arrow on his own land, too!

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