>Saying goodbye to another book


The first day of a new year is a good day to be looking forward. I’m a committed optimist, and I always expect something great to show up on the horizon. So, today, I’ll say farewell to Airs of Night and Sea, which was released yesterday, and which completes The Horsemistress Saga. I’ll try not to think anymore about what Larkyn and Philippa and the others are doing, what they’re thinking, what fresh plot challenges might face them. Maybe I’ll get to see them again in the future, but as I don’t know that just now, I will resolutely turn away, and let them live their own (completely imaginary) lives.

There is always writerly nostalgia at the end of a book. I still occasionally think, with fondness and a little sadness, of characters from past projects. I still miss a couple who, unfortunately, had to make the great sacrifice in service to that implacable deity, Plot. And it’s not uncommon for another story line to pop up in my head, one I’d like to pursue, which would give me a chance to revisit these lost friends.

But not now. Now I dig in to the new idea, introduce myself to new characters, and set out finding what motivates them, what’s gone wrong in their lives, who opposes them, and how all of this can be made into a Plot.

So, goodbye for the moment to the horsemistresses of Oc and their precious steeds. There will be some readings, and some marketing, but they’re out of my hands now and on their own. I wish them happy landings!


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