>Between Books

>It’s a strange state for a writer to be in. One book is done. The next proposal is almost finished. And the mind wanders through the possibilities like a bee in a flower garden, tasting this idea, that idea, wondering where exactly to alight and dig in.

The question every writer hears, over and over, is “Where do you get your ideas?” In truth, there are more ideas in the air than there are years in which to write them. As I approach this decision, I have to think about what book would best follow the last one, what my readership might like, what the market will bear, and what my editor and my agent think is a good idea. It shouldn’t really be like this, of course. If I were a New York Times Bestselling Author, it might not be. I could let my brilliant imagination flit wherever it wanted.

But I’m not a NYTBA just yet, so I have to consider this choice carefully. It will be colored by all the above considerations. If the new book is published by a new editor, that will make a difference, too. But I can’t wait to find that out, of course! I need to start it now, or there will be no living with me. A writer writes, after all. It would be nice if a writer could always write what a writer wanted to write!

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  1. >I’ll bite.”It would be nice if a writer could always write what a writer wanted to write!”What would a writer write if a writer could write what a writer wanted to write?Fingertwisters?

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