>Rowena here: To Blog or not to blog

>With six children (5 at home and the 6th keeps coming back) I juggle my time, trying to write, remember to put the rubbish out and remain creative. So, when Dave Freer told me he and Sarah Hoyt were considering starting a shared blog and asked if I’d like to join, I quickly put my hand up. Thanks to Sarah and Dave, plus Louise Marley and Laura Resnick, we’ll be able to split the Blogging load.

And since this is a blog where published authors discuss the craft of writing, the ins and outs of the industry and how to maintain sanity in a crazy world, I might just have something useful to say.

You can’t get much crazier than my household. Only last night my son, who is in his final year of high school, told me he’d won the subject prize (highest marks in the school) for Information Processing (computers). I was very pleased for him. Mind you, the list of winners was posted back in July and we have already filled out his University Scholarship application forms and sent them in. It would have looked really good to be able to say that he won the subject prize in both year 11 and year 12. But no, he hadn’t noticed that he’d won this year’s prize too, until they told him the awards will be handed out next week. Now he doesn’t want to go to the awards ceremony because he doesn’t think he should get an award for doing what he was supposed to do anyway. ie, work hard. Sigh.

I’m published in children’s fiction, trade and edcuational, with around 30 books ranging from early readers, through middle primary to young adult. I write short stories as well as books. My fantasy trilogy sold in Australia, the US and Germany and was shortlisted for several awards and won one. Unlike my son, I did attend the awards ceremony which my book won, but because I didn’t think it would win, I didn’t have a speech prepared and bumbled through looking stunned, if appropriately glamorous in a black velvet cocktail dress!

So far this year I’ve handed my agent, John Jarrold, the first book of a fantasy series and a romance book and am currently working on a YA fantasy (although it could veer into adult). And if that isn’t enough I’ve signed on to write 50,000 words in 30 days next month. So this should be interesting.


  1. >Details, Rowena, details. 🙂 Titles? What awards? I’m on the edge of my seat and you’re holding out.As for kids, I have two but it feels like a hundred, so I much admire your still retaining your sanity, let alone looking glamorous. (A hope I gave up eighteen years ago, when pregnant with oldest pest.)The solution, as I’ve realized recently, is to put them all in a box and send them to Dave, as soon as you can collect enough postage.(runs.)

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