Zoom, There It Goes

Tempus Fugit. And speedily too.

At the close of the year, you know how it goes, looking at the past years and what went wrong and what went right.

I of course feel I must apologize to all and Sundry — I don’t know who Sundry is or why he/she/it/blobfish is not included under “all” — because 2020 was totally my fault.

My husband, whom I love and adore decided the issue with my writing and its paying is that I was running directionless with it, without a plan. He wasn’t wrong. Keep that in mind. I mean, he was absolutely right when it came to good business practices. Or even bad business practices. I wasn’t running my job as a business.

Partly, you know, because I hadn’t really been running a business for 20 years. Because, you know, the job as a traditionally published author is dependent on what the publishers buy and when they buy it.

So making a plan for what you’ll finish or when is kind of silly. Because you can finish tons of things no one wants to publish. Or you can leave your schedule open and say “Sure, I can do that” when someone offers a great new thing.

And when you transition to indie, you absolutely do have to have a business plan.

It’s just that I’m a minor avatar of chaos. Which means when I try to plan or organize anything, the world goes awry.

And this is why I blame 2020 on the fact that on December 28 2019 we went to dinner (it’s our anniversary) and we sat there planning my writing for the next year.

All I put down was completely doable. Except that needless to say our year was eaten by stupid government tricks (mostly. I mean the disease was a problem, but the stupid government tricks were what had me too Angry to function.)

So, all of 2020 and the two years that followed were my fault, because I tried to plan.

The thing is, we’re going to try it again. Tomorrow. Stop staring at me.

The problem is I do need a plan to get where I want to go. Yes, I am still me, and just like I flavor seek when eating, and therefore get in all sorts of ridiculous trouble mostly of the weight gain kind, I will still write strange things and toss them out periodically because they’re in my head and they have to come out. But at the same time I know I owe my fans and those who love my books already out that are part of series, that I need to continue, or the fans will be sad. So I will have to schedule releases. That way I can tell you when something is coming out and not leave you in limbo. It also gives me a chance to get art scheduled or work on it, etc.

Anyway, the year ahead is as tightly scheduled as 2020 was supposed to be.

And yet, you know, there is that “zoom there it goes” effect, when everything slides sideways.

Pray for me. Or perhaps for the world.

21 thoughts on “Zoom, There It Goes

  1. Tightly scheduled… For a several quarters, I scheduled upwards of 20 units at school, while working 1.5 to 2 jobs. The success secret was scheduling meals and breaks. I finished my work Friday at 0700, my classes at 2000, and had not a bleedin’ thing to do until after dinner Sunday.

    This is not a brag, but a suggestion betting blind.

  2. Yeah . . . running a business . . . there are so many things I need to do, that haven’t happened, in a properly run writing business. I hate just, oh, registering ISBNs and the copyright and . . . somehow it’s so much easier to just write . . . So I’m behind. Again.

  3. Being a minor avatar of chaos sucks a mite.
    You have my sympathies.
    And I cringe at the thought of having an in-depth long-term plan.

  4. Some avatars hate their “of” and others revel in it. Learn to revel and plan your aim a little more carefully. (Like if you are a bad shot, aim at the people you don’t want to hit ….)

  5. Tonight’s December thirty-first,
    Something is about to burst.
    The clock is crouching, dark and small,
    Like a time bomb in the hall.
    Hark, it’s midnight, children dear.
    Duck! Here comes another year!

    – Ogden Nash

  6. You know what? 2020 January was the last time we went to Japan to visit family. The last time anything felt sane. And you say this was right when you were formulating a plan for your writing? Well, guess what we’re doing in less than three short weeks? Visiting family in Japan! Three short weeks after you’re making another plan for writing throughout the year, too. I don’t think 2020 was all on you. If 2023 goes off the rails I’m going to have to shoulder a hefty portion of the blame.

    Honestly we should get together and figure out how to pool these awful powers together and use them for the benefit of mankind, or at least to line our pockets a little bit…

    1. We’d bought a camp trailer and made plans for me to haul our horde to visit all the far-about family. Even wrote it up in the ’19 Christmas letter….

  7. I have no plans for 2023, aside from LibertyCon. There’s too much free-floating chaos in the air. I do need to finish several short stories, plus at least one novel (the Scottish one). Day Job is semi-guided chaos already, so that won’t change too much. *touches wood*

  8. Personally, I am not an avatar of chaos. I am, however, a strange attractor of it.

    I too have plans for 2023.

    Anyway, may your and Dan’s anniversary at least go by whatever plans you have made. You both deserve it.

  9. Man plans, God laughs. Gently and indulgently, but He does laugh.

    My goals going into 2023: get the Shadow Captain sequel finished and published, Ancestors of Jaiya re-edited and omnibussed/collection, redo the print covers on all the Jaiya metaseries if I’m feeling ambitious, get something new written, maybe cycle it through Vella if Amazon doesn’t nuke Vella first.

  10. Random note:
    Today, one of my kids started watching the anime Nisekoi.

    Naturally, I made myself present to make sure there wasn’t anything too unsuitable.

    I was not prepared for what I encountered.
    But in a good way.

    The bloody thing could accurately be subtitled “Riffing on Shakespeare”.
    The basic premise is an inversion of Romeo and Juliet, but I’ve seen stuff pulled from at least six of his comedies and played with during the few episodes I’ve watched. (Not mentioning all the shout-outs!) The authors were geeking out, and it’s beautiful.

    And the kid is eating it up!

  11. I have simple goals for 2023: Publish two books (which we can do because we’re at the 90% mark or so) and start writing “War Dogs of Barsoom” which I’ve been thinking about for two years.

    Will I finish the first draft of “War Dogs” in 2023? As if!

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