I forgot it was Monday as well as Boxing day. I am down with something of a cold (I hope) and went to bed instead of writing a post. And now it is late. I am sorry. I try to be reliable. It’s something I value in others, so I try to be it myself.

I guess that summarizes my book-writing attitude too. I want books which will make me happier and face the day easier, and entertain… so I better try and write those.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, and well, remember those who didn’t.

8 thoughts on “Gah

  1. I just assumed that between Boxing Day, Christmas, your being on duty, and the Elves of the Internet being overloaded by returns and sales shoppers, the post had gotten eaten or mis-filed in the wrong tube.

    Love the book! I hope you start feeling better soon.

  2. 20 reviews for Georgina on Amazon. Not a one with a negative word. Some git gave it 3 stars then spent a paragraph saying how much they enjoyed it, some people are just strange.
    I really wanted to leave a review, but I think I’m not really supposed to.

  3. Oh, hey — There’s a Christmastime Kindle Rewards “punch card” that gives you basically a bonus book coupon, but you have to click and activate it to get credit for anything you already bought on Kindle during that time.

    So click on “Learn more about Kindle Rewards” if it shows up during browsing, and go click to activate; and maybe you’ll have to keep doing that periodically to get other offers.

  4. The “punch card” eligibility is from Dec. 22 to Dec. 31, so… um… I may have a book buying problem, given that I didn’t even have internet access during part of that time.

  5. Also, if you need more romances and/or mysteries after buying Dave’s book Georgina, it appears that Elizabeth Cadell books are on sale for $2.99. So yeah, I’m financing a bunch of English people I’ve never met.


    Everyone sees me coming.

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