2022 Dragon Awards

2022 Dragon Awards–a quick drive-by posting


 Deadline is July 19, 2022

Please go nominate your favorite books! And remember to vote later.

8 thoughts on “2022 Dragon Awards

  1. On an off topic, how do you all decide when rework is necessary, or it’s time to just ship it?

    I just realized I’ve put the character descriptions in the middle, not when the characters first show up. I really don’t want to have to go back in, move the chunks around and re-integrate them into the flow, but I think I have to fix this.

    1. Do you need to move the whole chunk, or just enough to give the reader the right early impression?

      If the readers get sex, age, darkish or lightish coloring, the details and back history can come later. You just don’t want to leave it so up-in-the air that when the reader gets to the details, he doesn’t go, “Wait! What do you mean he’s a skinny blond! I was picturing a looming black guy!”

    2. Since I realized that isn’t incredibly helpful….

      So, just go and add in stuff like “bright flash of shiny-straw hair” or “eyes like muddy pond water.”

      1. Those can be a lot of fun too, because you can show both how different characters perceive the same thing, and the differences in what they care about.

        I’ll have to go track down some good examples. I recall David Drake tended to be really good with that, in how experienced crews would see very different things than novices.

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