Home Again

The objective of travelling is to arrive back where you began, and see the place anew, as if for the first time…

Sometimes you don’t even have to go home to do that. Like watching friends get married – reminds us of nothing as much as how we’ve struggled our way together and through these years.

(You can tell what we did this weekend, and just got home from.)

Of course, arrival home, all contemplations are shortcut by the demands of the fussy critters who want to let us know that they’re starving! Starving! Just see how there are only 10 pieces in the bottom of her food bowl, never mind that his is still heaped high!

…and seven, yes, seven piles of cat puke. Her opinion of our absence had been utterly expressed. Thoroughly. At least, I hope it’s only seven…

But enough of the furry practicality of arrival home. Back to the poetic. It’s so nice to be off the road and in comfortable environs!

Back to the comfortable, and familiar routine… of laundry… and trying to type while a cat insists she had aeons of lap time to make up for…

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