Just to make you smile:

No matter how well I think I’ve got being an adult down, well, this week I learned that the initial impulse for writing – that is, letting my mind roam free when my body is trapped at something I’m supposed to be doing – is still alive and well. I was supposed to be watching a highly educational presentation by an expert in his field. Except the material was dry, the presentation excruciatingly slow and the presenter insufferably smug.

6 hours later, I had watched 22 minutes of the 45 minute video, and I had 2600 words of a quest fantasy scribbled in the notepad that was *supposed* to be for taking notes on the presentation.

I didn’t finish the video. I did file the story start away for later, though, and laughed about no matter how old I get, some things never change…

Also, one of my friends let me know I’d been referenced in a group chat. Or rather, one of my characters had. This is one of those glorious moments when I know that someone else really got the story, and the character came alive in their head, not just mine.

So, with permission from the person who said it, anonymized to protect the guilty chatterbox:

Trying to make pies with 13yo. He’s been up for twenty minutes and I swear he hasn’t inhaled once.

Having just read Dorothy Grant’s novels yesterday, I wish to trade 13yo for AJ.

9 thoughts on “Just to make you smile:

    1. Oh, and my muse insisted that I work on an Arthur Christmas thing before getting back to what I’m supposed to be doing. *SIGH* Either thing that I’m supposed to be doing.

    2. In my household that seems to be 13yos, 12yos, 10yos, 8yos… but it does change once they hit 15yo, then it is just sleep.

    1. That’s… that will take more than a few books to get from here to there. Because in order for Crane to get his happily ever after, first, I think, he probably has to get his vengeance. And that’s no small task.

      My Calmer Half has this calm assurance that I’ll be able to tell the arc of the entire war, in snapshots of one novel at a time, until we get to the peace afterward, and the happy ending. Me, I doubt my abilities far more than he does!

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