Changing One’s Mind

The problem with changing your mind is that you are in a completely different mind. I’m still getting used to this.

The GoFundMe showed me that people give a d*mn about what I write. So–

So, with some serious poking and prodding from younger son I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to outsource all the non-creative stuff, so I can create more.

Son says there is a responsibility when you have a vocation and can do something very few people can. We should definitely do that.

Even though I cringe at the designation “creative” I guess it’s time to be one, and take it seriously.

The problem of changing your mind is that for a while it feels like you’re in someone else’s mind, and you don’t know where to put the rugs, or who bought the singularly ugly dish on the mantel, or why it says “Recuerdo de Barcelona.”

So I go move the wardrobe to a more comfortable space. No, actually I go and clear the nonwriting stuff I can’t hire out off my plate the rest of this week. (I could theoretically hire someone to unpack my clothes, but not to cull them, which we failed to do at the starting end, so must be done now.)

Next week, hopefully early, I get the fairytales out, then the reissue of Darkship Thieves.

Wish me luck.

Oh, yeah, Another Rhodes is on sale all this week for 99c. There will be a book on sale every week for the rest of the year. This is this week’s.

32 thoughts on “Changing One’s Mind

  1. Luck happens when a prepared mind meets opportunity. You’ve got the luck now, Miss Sarah. And it is rare, I think, that someone finds out the effect they have on others while they are still alive. May your courage sustain you and may those good opportunities keep coming.

  2. I shudder to think what someone else would riff from my wardrobe.

    Hals- und Beinbruch with the tidying and organizing! That’s one more thing you won’t have to deal with later.

  3. For schadenfreude purposes:

    As a side note, I would still be off-put by this letter if you replaced all the leftist buzzwords with rightist ones, e.g. instead of “antiracist” you had “patriotic,” just by their sheer overuse. Most functional human beings are put off by such nonsense, so it’s little wonder that they’re having trouble filling slots or getting volunteers.

    1. Ahh, I went there once. It was a well run con, and the hospitality suite was very good. I didn’t fit in, though and the way people acted didn’t help me from feeling on edge.

      I made the mistake of thinking that would be the perfect place to go for the writing workshop. I had a strong female characters. But nope, the guy in the group who wrote a man-with-tits as the strong female was praised and I was told I needed to number my pages. Weird thing, I HAD numbered my pages, but somehow they got lost when sent via the intermediary. And when I tried to say this, the very minor, semi-pro white male told me to “not talk back” and I should just “listen”. Pfft.

        1. Couldn’t help but remember that one LC where a certain scheduler ran you like a rented mule. You literally had no time to eat, drink, or use the bathroom as he had you in every panel and event, some of them across campus with only minutes to run between.
          Dan and I spent weeks ripping a certain someone a new one, and that never happened again, but the one thing he who I shall not name said that had some merit was “Sarah really needs herself a minder.”
          And you really do dear niece, an assistant to handle the scutwork and trivia so you can focus on creative efforts. Were we co-located I’d jump in, but as is all I can do is an occasional alpha, beta, or edit for you.
          It is very pleasing how you seem to be snapping back from a long period of, what to call it, malaise depression simple illness. The move and the validation behind that go fund me seems to be most positive.

    2. “We’re short on money and volunteers to implement new antiracist policies and practices, which we need in order to attract and retain volunteers, especially volunteers of color.”

      That makes it sound like they want unpaid black laborers. That might be triggering.

  4. Thirty days away from the next year. Your old house will sell, the new house will get unpacked . . . We’ll kick a whole bunch of Dems out of Congress . . . and maybe we can settle this mess without too much bloodshed.

    Yes, Polyanna. I blame the turkey overdose.

  5. so today’s silly quick read is ‘singularity ugly dish on the mantel’

    you’re welcome.

  6. Don’t cringe!! It’s awesome. Be American! To be American, creative is a complement! Creative isn’t just artistic, it’s figuring out how to jiggery pokery something that was broken into working. Be creative!

  7. I wouldn’t want to change my mind, but getting my 18 year old body back would be awesome.

        1. I don’t care what part of my 18th year. Just not having the arthritic hands, and all the other aches and pains would be wonderful!

        2. 18th birthday, thank you very much.

          Wouldn’t be any point to very much later.

          Er, how many of us did stupid-to-permanent-damage at eighteen, anyway?

        1. Honestly, I’d prefer my 18 year old body (before college weight gain) over the 22 year old body, but I’d happily take either over my current body. I’m happy to be a healthy as I am, but there’s been a bit of wear and tear and there are a few problems.

      1. I want my 28 year old body back. When I was really strong, before my congenital back problem appeared, and at my second lightest weight. I’d still have the bad knee and hip, but those I can (and did) live with.

      2. Lots of annoying medical issues, some congenital, many chronic.

        I wasn’t necessarily in great physical condition at 16 or 18.

        I don’t have enough information about the current or past ‘state spaces’ to have a single conclusion, given what I do know about the apparent serious trade offs.

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