A Decade of Indie

Really? I’ve been self publishing for TEN YEARS!

Excuse me while I fact check myself . . . I’ve unpublished and fixed up the first two, so my earliest publication shows up as the third book in the Wine of the Gods Series, submitter on October 28, 2011.

Huh. Go figure.

We’re coming up on the fourteenth anniversary of the Kindle reader and the start of the whole system, but they started with established authors, and only later opened up to anyone.

I joined in moderately early, being a bit skeptical, and now wish I’d rushed in, first chance, before the crowd made it difficult to get discovered.

I’ve certain gone in whole heartedly once I got started! A quick count, recount . . . Eighty-seven titles? Holy . . . I mean, just the twenty-seven novels is looking impressive, even if some of them are shortish, and another nineteen novellas.

Now mind you a lot of these were written before KDP. A few were doing the rounds and collecting their required quotas of rejections slips, but most were just not polished enough. And why bother, no one loved my babies, they were never going to be published . . .

Which, in case you are wondering, is why I love Amazon. I was not the only one with a stack of wonderful “why bother” first drafts in a file somewhere.

But when KDP started, I was in a position to start publishing.

It averages out at publishing two or three novels, a couple of novellas, a collection, and three or four short stories a year. I’ve definitely been busy, and kept at it, which is why the cumulative numbers are so impressive.

And I’m going to keep writing and keep publishing.

Because the ideas never stop.

And, well, I’m still not through that file of unpolished stories.

But first I need to finish Axel’s third story, three more in that part of the Multiverse to show what else is going on, and  there’s an Ice story stalled out, and the two entirely different Space Operas with multiple books sketched out . . .

Give me another decade and I’ll show you some serious numbers!

And quite apart from the shameless bragging, the point is . . . get out there and publish. Write. And finish and publish. Keep doing it.

And you too, can start bragging.

9 thoughts on “A Decade of Indie

  1. And I have enjoyed all of them. I am breathlessly awaiting The next installment of Axel’s story. And I am hoping someday you will get back to Stone.

  2. Write. And finish and publish. Keep doing it.

    Working on it!

    I’m getting the word count thing down, and even stringing some scenes together….

    1. I have a lot of time, and my fingers can keep up with my internal story telling.

      Touch typing would be _necessary_ if I was keying in something written long hand. But for my own thoughts, I can just look down at the keyboard. And it’s the speed of those thoughts that’s the limiting factor.

    2. That typing class I took in high school has been paying off for 45 years. Try programming with two fingers.

      1. Heh. NO thank you! What I’ve got works for me, for what I do. Not recommended for anyone doing anything, even though I defend my inefficiencies.

  3. Congrats! I started December of ’12. Ah, back when “you’ll break through and be a best-seller once you have three, no five, wait, fifteen books out” was the rallying cry, and Nook was a serious going concern. You know, Late Antiquity in internet years. 😀

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