It started with shopping…

(Snippet removed to comply with Amazon rules about percentage of a work posted elsewhere. If you want to read this, soon it’s Chapter 1 of A Perfect Day, With Explosions! )

14 thoughts on “It started with shopping…

  1. Your muse is insane to make you do these things, but you pull them off wonderfully.

    It is beautiful, and I love it.

  2. He, he, he. Yep, this one will be fun. Because wherever AJ and Twitch go, moments of mild excitement are sure to follow (or race ahead to get there first.)

    1. I’m 48K into it right now, so, um, I’ll get right back to you on that as soon as I get other crucial details like finishing it out of the way.

      The prequel, in which Twitch finds his lady and gets that ring, though hell and the Fed should bar the way, is finished, and Cedar has done a lovely ebook cover, and is getting Real Close to publication… if only I’d stop writing this long enough to get the blurb written for that! And Peter wants the dedication and author bio and other books by format, so he can get the page thickness to Cedar, so she can make the print cover, so we can get the proof copy, so we can get it published… and I’ll get that, just as soon as I finish this next chapter…

  3. Now, that’s kinda mean of married guy — to make a girl want to laugh while she’s being laced up! But it’s awfully good wingman stuff/anti-friendzone stuff.

    Men should also bear in mind that most changing rooms do not have much soundproofing, so women on the inside can often hear everything going on in the doorway or just outside, just as one can usually hear the comments by other women in the changing rooms, whether they are politely subdued or not. Married guy _might_ know this.

    And Christy is really going at the flirting, to ignore all this!

  4. This was the first of your writing I have read. On the strength of this I have purchased and devoured your previous work. This is my review – I still have money. Write more so I can give it to you!

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