Happy Independence Day!

Yes, post is late. Yesterday I was watching fireworks instead of writing it. Calmer Half was with me, and being a good sport about the whole thing, even if he didn’t grow up with our style of burgers, brats, beer, lots of explosives (audience participation! all over the community!), and random community interaction (the small neighbor child shyly coming up with a baking dish full of cupcakes she made All By Herself and offering them with mom’s patient supervision from a whole gigantic 8 feet away was particularly cute. Our assorted group complimented her firework & flag themed dress, and her decorating skills on the cupcakes, enthusiastically.)

And yes, we’re going to do it again tonight. Because we can! With more friends, and burgers, and brats, and beer, and even more fireworks at a different display!

…on the actual writing front (this is a writing blog; I should mention that), A Perfect Day (With Explosions) continues to stutter along. I took a few days off because I went and had An Adventure, which would have been nothing but awesome if I still had two knees or I’d built “Self, you’re not 25 anymore. Take an extra day to recover.” into the schedule. Oops. As it was, I regret nothing, would do again… as long as I built an extra day into the schedule.

Not only did I get to meet awesome people whom I’d only known before on the internet (and their pets!), but I also tempted another Mad Genius into throwing her diet to the wind and trying Tex Mex of the “We’re the only gringos in the place” variety, complete with Mexican CocaCola.

And then I got back, and when I finally recovered, I realized the reason I’d been having problems with the next chapter was because I was entering it too late. 1600 words later, I’d gotten to where the chapter was “supposed” to start. *headdesk*

My dear darling writing friends are getting punished for getting me into this pickle by me throwing running snippetry at them as I write, and they are being strangely helpful and supportive despite that. Also, having lived inside the heads of the characters from the last book, the current protagonists staying at their apartment for the night is an odd mix of understanding how they react all too well, and seeing them from the outside instead of the internal motivations.

Learning curves. I’m getting closer to handling an ensemble cast, the hard way.

I’m off to go write, debate making eggs or just having a sausage for breakfast, and then get ready for another day of sunscreen, bug spray, and gunpowder smoke. Hey all you indies out there, have a great Independence Day!

7 thoughts on “Happy Independence Day!

  1. Anybody else noticing the Return of the Attack of the Passive Aggressive How Dare You Like Fireworks folks?

    I’m tempted to dig up the multiple very snippy blog posts made by guys who actually got blown up in Iraq and Afghanistan, explaining that no, fireworks don’t trigger them. People driving like idiots, and homeless encampments on the road, on the other hand, regularly hit their “freak it’s happening again!” defenses– because they actually look like IEDs.

    If they’d stop and consider that veterans of WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, the Gulf War, any others that I missed– that these are the guys who set the norm of US fireworks? Maybe, just maybe, the idea that we must ban fireworks to save the Enduring Freedom vets is not entirely accurate, even when offered in good faith? (I know some of them were not in good faith, but the folks who trusted those guys were.)

    1. And it didn’t. The completely unofficial “no, don’t do that, please, the fire department doesn’t like it” show started at around eight forty-five and lasted until after ten.

  2. The Mexican Coca Cola gives it away. I know who you tempted! And wouldn’t I love some nice Tex Mex right about now if I weren’t stuffed from the church picnic. I’m so glad that my friend that I hardly ever get to see is doing so well. And I love to hear (read) from you and the calmer half while I wait for dark and the local boomies.

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