Trapped with the Lord of Hate!!!

Oh, the huge manatee . . .  It was written seven years ago, but I only came across this article recently.  I was tickled by its headline:

I spent 7 days in a car with Larry Correia,
International Lord of Hate, and lived to tell about it

Having enjoyed Larry’s company over several days at conventions, and known him for over two decades through internet forums of which we both were members, I had to laugh about that.  It’s remarkably easy to survive any number of days with Larry.  All you have to do is be a mensch.  (That’s a Jewish rather than a Mormon title, but I guess it’s ecumenical in this sense.  The meaning is not circumcised – I mean, circumscribed.)

At any rate, it’s a fun read, even if it is a blast from the past.  Click over there and enjoy it for yourself.


5 thoughts on “Trapped with the Lord of Hate!!!

  1. The brief time I’ve spent around the ILoH was quite fun, even if I was unofficially tasked with shuttling water to him rather than listening to stories. (He’d gotten a wee bit dehydrated at the Friday morning fun-shoot at LibertyCon.)

  2. I met Larry and Bridget along with JIm Menz when Larry was over in London. Him and his wife were both lovely. I don’t understand the hate. I really don’t.

  3. Jealous because anyone who has seen the ILOH knows that he is worth conversating with on just about anything. Not jealous because I’m the person in the room not saying anything because I’m so bad with people in person. (ILOH you have met me, I’m the one that didn’t say anything, remember?)

  4. Haven’t spent time with ILoH, but did do a bit of cross-country travel with “Mad” Mike. One thing I remember (and that, I discovered, he doesn’t) was that at the time his kids were in the knock-knock joke phase. This wasn’t too bad, for a while. Then one of the kids did the repeating ‘”banana..banana..banana…orange…you glad I didn’t say ‘banana’.” The next knock-knock was not answered with “Who’s there?” but “Tetra-ethyl lead.” And Mike laughed so hard I wondered if we’d stay on the road. The kids didn’t get it, but it was effective – the knocking stopped.

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