A blessed and happy christmas to all our readers

I think everyone needs a “restart” at this time of year.

For those of the Christian persuasion, what better restart than to remember the coming of the One who restarted everything for us?  On my own blog, I shared how Christmas became real for me, one night in the middle of a civil war.  Click over there to read it for yourself.

For those who don’t share that faith, I hope the season of goodwill will be meaningful to you in your own way, and a welcome break from the deluge of doom, gloom and disaster that the mainstream media continue to feed us.

May the coming New Year bring all of us renewed hope and optimism, despite all the obstacles that continue to confront us.  As fellow author Jim Curtis reminds us frequently, “Don’t sweat the petty stuff and don’t pet the sweaty stuff!”

8 thoughts on “A blessed and happy christmas to all our readers

  1. Merry Day After, everybody. ~:D I lived!

    There was some Christmas Night fun pulling friends out of the ditche, one of Young Relative’s compatriots got literally sucked off the road by an errant snowplow track. Poor thing was going like 20mph and just ever so slowly got steered off into the ditch. The mighty F-250 eased the stupid tiny import back out as nice as you like.

    Did y’all know that there is -nowhere- to wrap a strap around many of those little Korean cars out there? They have a special tow-point in the middle under the trunk. Good thing I knew that going in. Hooked it with a tie-down chain, put the other end on a big fat tow strap looped over the trailer ball. Put the Beast in 4x low range and let it idle the idiot little salt-box out. Could have gone so very wrong in so many ways (like if the tow-point was corroded to death and snapped off, dedicated tow-points are a bad idea my friends) but it was smooth as silk. Yay!

    Have to say, that was the most fun I’ve had all week I think.

  2. Merry Christmas to all of you blog writers and all of you readers. May you all rest and recharge over the holiday season, and be ready for whatever 2021 brings.

    And remember “The Reason for the Season” is Jesus Christ.

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