The Fastest Post in the West

The blog is looking a little forlorn at the moment, poor blog. I’ve been scrambling to get ready for Christmas in a time and place that doesn’t feel Christmas-y at all. It was almost sixty degrees yesterday- I rode the horse- and DH and I put up a teeny little tree, almost like we’re adults and know what we’re doing.

I still need to wrap presents, and company will be here any minute, so I’m out. So I offer up the above picture of our tree, to brighten your day. We realized at the last second that we didn’t have an angel to put on it, so DH drew one. Isn’t she cute?

13 thoughts on “The Fastest Post in the West

  1. Oh, that’s darling! The Daughter Unit and I are having to fight our way through feeling in the mood for Christmas … however, tomorrow we shall assemble the boxes of homemade gourmet fudge and take them around to the neighbors, so we have that.
    Otherwise, we feel like we’re on a railway track, about to get run over…

      1. Oh, Draven – can’t mail – would cost the earth, as some of it needs refrigerating. But if you are anywhere near NE San Antonio, we can save out a box for you if you wanna stop by and ring the doorbell … 🙂

          1. Our FC ended up doing a virtual cookie exchange last night, triggered by my mentioning the big kids had needed a hand cleaning up after the chocolate chips they’d made, and someone else mentioning they wished they had their mom’s Christmas cookies (he’s maybe 24, so it’s “away from home” not “she won’t be making them”) and then everyone talked about their favorite Christmas sweet, mostly cookies. Including the nominal Buddhist. 😀

            1. MomRed made Moravian cookies yesterday. It has to be below freezing in order to get them to roll out properly, so she stood on the back patio rolling and cutting and Dad and I shuttled cookie sheets in and out. Along with hot coffee. We got done just before the dust wall hit (as in, ten minutes before the dust and smoke. That was close.)

            2. my mom’s pumpkin bread

              my older sister ‘lost the recipe’
              because she ‘stopped making it’
              because ‘it isn’t healthy’

  2. Yes to cute homemade angels! If you ever want a non cute Tongan angel with a (IIRC) plasma sword let me know.

    And you know, technically, Christmas *starts* on the 25th, so having a 24th day prep party follows by 12 days of celebration is perfectly copacetic.

  3. That boytoy of yours has him some talent. Gets it from his mama I suspect. And his daddy chipped in for the analytical side in all likelihood.

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