Sunday morning reading about writing

This post is written in haste, for which my apologies.  Dorothy and I have both been very busy, so she didn’t have an opportunity to write her regular Sunday morning article.  She apologizes, and promises to make up for it soon.

Anyway, in place of a longer article, I have a reading suggestion.  I’ve been following a three-part series of articles over at Writers In The Storm.  They are:

Grow a More Fertile Author Platform

More Thoughts on Growing a Fertile Author Platform

Giving Back To Your Readers

I recommend them to all the writers who pass through here.  Never stop learning!


2 thoughts on “Sunday morning reading about writing

  1. First thing into my head from that subject line… consider the lyrics from a writer’s POV:

  2. Found in the comments, too late to include above:

    Johnny said this introducing the song which was taped lived at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville: Cash introduced the song with the following monologue:

    “You know, not everyone who has been on ‘the bum’ wanted it that way. The Great Depression of the 30’s set the feet of thousands of people—farmers, city workers—it set ’em to ridin’ the rails. My Daddy was one of those who hopped a freight train a couple of times to go and look for work. He wasn’t a bum. He was a hobo but he wasn’t a bum. I suppose we’ve all….all of us ‘been at one time or another ‘drifter at heart’, and today like yesterday there’s many that are on that road headin’ out. Not searchin’ maybe for work, as much as for self-fulfillment, or understanding of their life…trying to find a meaning for their life. And they’re not hoppin’ freights much anymore. Instead they’re thumbin’ cars and diesel trucks along the highways from Maine to Mexico. And many who have drifted…including myself…have found themselves no closer to peace of mind than a dingy backroom, on some lonely Sunday morning, with it comin’ down all around you.”

    Sounds like writers, don’t it.

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