Distracti- What Was I Talking About?

What day is it? It’s sometime in 2020, I know that much. I think … I think it’s still the first part of the year, still? I’d like to be flippant about it, but things are somewhat strained. Just emotional well-being, thank goodness, but that’s often enough to stifle creativity.

Have you ever tried to write while distracted? I’m not talking normal, everyday interruptions. I’m talking having a small, curious, precocious human standing at your elbow asking questions, making observations, and stating desires more or less constantly. It’s draining. And not much actually happens. Strike that: a whole lot happens, but nothing gets accomplished. See that part about it being draining.

This is usually the point of things where I pull something out of nowhere, but I just don’t have anything today. I keep staring at the clock, getting later and later, and with no post up. Even better is the list of everything else I have to do today. I think today just needs to be allowed to be less than stellar, and then I get up tomorrow and do better. That seems to be a lot of days, lately. I hope it’s not the same for you, but I suspect we’re all experiencing more of those than we’d like, or even than we have historically.

Give yourself a little extra grace, today, and I’ll work on the same for me.


  1. *sympathy*

    For what it’s worth, even during a normal year, right about now is when my homeschool kids start going nuts.

    School teachers tell me the same.

    Spring fever!

  2. “Have you ever tried to write while distracted?”

    You mean have I ever tried to write while adult human beings who should bloody well know better come up to me every five minutes with some new problem/issue/plan/information and demand I stop wasting time doing what I’m doing to give them my full and undivided attention because This Is IMPORTANT?


    After the first or second interruption I cease production and close the document. It is not possible for The Phantom to continue a creative process under those conditions. I will burst a blood vessel.

    Therefore I stop and do something else that I don’t care about being interrupted. Like research, or moving crap from one place to another outside, or cutting the interminable lawn, or watching stupid cat videos on YouTube.

    Sometimes you just have to admit that they’re not going to let you do it, and go do something else. I’ve been known to leave the house entirely and go sit in a cafe to get away from the incessant pestering of grown ass people who can’t leave the writer alone.

    But with kids in the house? Forget it. Don’t even turn on the computer. Just sit and watch the TV with the kid and save up for after they’re asleep for the night. Otherwise you’ll go insane.

    Can anyone tell that this “work from home” thing is a bit hard? ~:D

  3. 2020 is the Year of the Rat. I think Year of the— Squirrel! would be more appropriate. Or perhaps not . . .

  4. Someone smarter than me observed that small children don’t actually want all your attention. They just want 5 seconds of your attention… every thirty seconds.

    Maybe somebody who’s good at multitasking can explain how to make use of all those 25-second chunks of free time. I never could do it.

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