A Last-Second Post

I thought I had a post on historical house construction all ready to go for you guys, then I read through it and realized that it’s at least three posts, and I don’t have enough time to do justice to the subject, in between the zillion other errands I need to do today. I had rolled room layout, windows and glassmaking, and lighting technology all into one little article. Entire books have been written about each subject, and I wasn’t writing concisely; I was leaving out half the information. So that’ll be a series for another day.

But all is not lost; I do have something for you. Yesterday, I pushed the button on The Road to Stonberg, the first (short) book of The Mercenary Series. The main character, Gavril of Grimsby, makes his living slaying monsters, finding treasures, guarding merchants- whatever work he can find. It’s a dangerous life, in a land where dragons and giants aren’t mere legends. But the pay is good, and all the pretty girls think he’s a hero. So, dear reader, click here to read about Gavril’s adventures as he travels from Grimzen to Stonberg.

Cover art is by our own Sarah Hoyt; I think she did an excellent job.



  1. Well, if you’re ever feeling another horse-centric post coming on, please don’t let anything stop ypu.

    We don’t get nearly enough livestock on this channel.

      1. When they get into the nuts and bolt of writing marsupial biology for storytellers, much less speculative hybrid livestock management, we can talk.

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