One Foot in Front of the Other

All is chaos. The Wee Horde rampages. Wee Dave has discovered an arcane and eldritch tongue, and casts incantations from grimoire for the amusement of Wee-er Dave, who delights at the mind-warping illusions created therefrom. Plants grow with no soil, and flesh is devoured uncooked. The natural laws are in abeyance for the duration. Water flows uphill, and burns. All is chaos, and there is no time. No time. No time.

I’m only sort of kidding, though the littles aren’t at any fault. Not really. Okay, their simple presence more or less requires my attention, more or less all the time. Wee Dave has curricula from the school, and is at the point where – while he’s self-guided for his age – still requires my assistance. And Wee-er Dave needs … constructive distraction so the senior partner can accomplish the necessary work.

Which means no writing. Which makes for an unhappy Dave. I am mitigating through furious projecteering, however. The Biltong Box Mk.1 prototype is complete, and the product meets the QA committee’s requirements. I’ll be moving on to the Mk.2 in the near future. Similarly, I’m only waiting for germination to prove concept on the aquaponics garden currently taking up shelf-space in the garage o’ doom.

I dunno, folks. I’m keeping my head above water. Mostly. I hope you are, too. It’s not the enforced at-home-ed-ness that’s getting me. It’s the inability to get free from distraction. And it’s wearing. Even now, trying to write this, the family is in the other room, talking, talking, always talking. I’m tired of it, and it’s unlikely to get better anytime soon.

In unrelated news, I’ll be making PVC bows for the children, and foam-tipped arrows. Yesterday, I found out my induction hob will NOT actually heat my stainless steel whirly-pop sufficiently to roast coffee. This was a grievous blow, and will not be born. I’ll be responding with charcoal this afternoon. So, with all the project work I’m accomplishing, I feel okay. Production is a good thing, and I’m using it to fill holes in my disaster prep plan. All of these are good things, and all are necessary. And, yet.

So, how’re y’all doin’?


  1. I hear you on the background talk, talk. I can drown it out to a limited extent, because I don’t need instant “Why is it quiet? Oh no—” response time, but it wears. *virtual hugs* Best of luck on the coffee roasting!

    1. There’s a learning curve. I roasted later in the afternoon, and over charcoal. I’m not expecting much, and hoping to be surprised. I have a dual fuel camp burner on order for greater control of the process.

  2. It’s not the enforced at-home-ed-ness that’s getting me. It’s the inability to get free from distraction. And it’s wearing.

    Amen. I keep listening to everyone talk about ways to alleviate boredom and thinking that they come from another planet. I currently have 4 writing projects I should be working on, 2 knitting projects I could be doing, 3 movies I want to watch, a video game in progress and 6 more in the queue when I finish that one. And no time to do any of it.

    When this ends, I’m thinking about looking for a boarding preschool.

    1. I roasted coffee (haven’t tried it, yet), and started a sourdough starter. And cleaned. Today. More things, tomorrow. So many things.

  3. I’ve learned that no matter how much time I have, I’m never going to shoot better than 50/50 from the free throw line. Or write more than a thousand words in a day. But everyone is healthy, and that’s a blessing.

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