OK, let’s have a laugh!

Instead of my usual serious posts about the business of writing, let’s have a laugh this Friday.  I’ve been giggling over an article titled “24 Hilarious ‘Accurately Titled Novels’ ” at BoredPanda.  Here are three of their cover examples to whet your appetite.  I’ve reduced their size so as to fit MGC’s template better.


BoredPanda cover 1


BoredPanda cover 2


BoredPanda cover 3


There are many more at the link.  Click over there and enjoy them all!



    1. It might get a nomination, but looking that that site, I’d have to say that they’ve already got the winner there. “Lyrical Prose Makes the End of the World Even Worse” sounds like a shoe-in for all the major sci-fi awards. I don’t know who Man Mannington is, but if he’s gay and/or an “author of color,” you might as well just print up the press releases now.

      1. Trans is teh new hotness. “Man Mannington” is a lady. Of colour. In a wheelchair. And he’s gay.

        Noah Ward is a gender-nonconforming aardvark. Species points!

  1. My contribution:

    “This Totally Isn’t a Twilight Fanfic with the Names Changed, I Swear” by iheartedwardxoxoxo Jane Smith

    Cover image is a pair of hands holding an orange.

  2. Middle agged professor inexplicably attractive to lithe young student.

    By Winston Douche A literary novel. (What does that even mean? It’s written with words!?)

    Comedic gold!

    1. That’s another likely award winner. I’m sure the fact that the awards are given out by middle-aged English professors who fantasize about their lithe young students is completely coincidental.

      It’s only real competition is “My Protagonist is a Struggling Writer.”

  3. Be sure to check out the comment at the bottom. I want to see a cover for some of those books…

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