Forever Krasnovia

In the ongoing war between our beloved Krasnovia and the evil Pineland, many waffle makers have been harmed. Moose and squirrel have issued a call to arms.

The floor is now yours to describe the ongoing battle for the best waffle and freedom from mediocre sandwiches.


Featured image credited to Emily M. via FB.


    1. I think I would first try a waffle sandwich with bacon, fried egg, and a little maple syrup.

    2. Best filling is Pinelandian goat, pressed by tank. T-80 is modern, T-34 is like Grandmother used to make.
      Tradition is trample with strong stallions, but is long time. Tank is good and fast.
      Flat goat is easy for grilling in waffle iron. Top with fresh yogurt sauce (remember to pillage that too when getting Pinelandian goat).

    3. There is a place where I live that serves a hamburger that uses waffles as the bun. It’s interesting, but hard to eat, because they are basically using two quarter-pieces (one bottom and one top) for it, so they are the wrong shape, and they are much too thick and hard. (In my opinion).

    4. Fried chicken is always a winner. (Chicken fried steak if cannibalism isn’t an issue. 😎 )

      1. I never did “get” the the fried chicken and waffle thing (and TX raised $HOUSEMATE is likewise bewildered…) Steak issue aside, the problem with ‘chicken fried’ is the involvement of gravy. I seem to be one of the few creatures on earth that has no use for gravy.

  1. Please rise for the national athem
    Here we come a waffling
    Among mountains so green
    Here we come a waffling
    A fun nation to be seen
    Syrup and Butter come to you
    And to your waffles too.
    And Moose and Squirrel Bless us too.
    And Moose and Squirrel Bless us too.

    1. Who do you think was distracting the Pinelanders? We know Wendell was piloting a helicopter…

  2. Much has been written of Pineland’s ruling Snodgrass family, and their photogenic foibles. Who can forget, for instance, when Herman Snodgrass declared his title to be “Pasha”, and insisted on wedding an elephant? (A move widely praised for reducing the inbreeding of the royal line.)
    It was really too bad the poor Snod soon saw fit to commit adultery. He really should have known better.
    But while we do not begrudge the Krasnovians their traditional hatred of Pineland, the vision of thousands of Pinelandians crushed in waffle presses is simply too much for us to stomach.

  3. It’s possible that we might have to escalate from a regular waffle maker to a Belgian waffle maker. I don’t like to suggest it, but the depredations visited on Krasnovia by the evil Pinelanders require a drastic response.

    1. Thank you. This was baffling. (Waffles could be used as baffles; they have the right texture.)

  4. Well!

    This is the best waffle recipe ever and it has been left to me to post.

    Place two eggs on counter to warm slightly. Put two TBSP cider vinegar In a 2 cup measurer. Fill to the two cup level with milk, the richer the better. Set aside. Crack eggs and start beating in large bowl. Beat as long as you like, or leave your mixer running while you mix together the dry ingredients. 2 cups of King Arthur flour, 1TBSP sugar, 1 tsp salt, 1 1/2 TBSP baking SODA, mixed till light. (Wheat germ is optional but nice.) Set aside. Melt 6 TBSP butter. Now go back and add soured milk to eggs, turning beater speed way down. Then add dry mix, reasonably slowly, and last pour in the melted butter and stir by hand. Be sure the butter isn’t siting on the bottom of the bowl in a lump.

    Use any waffle iron to cook.

    Also works as pancake batter which is, no doubt, why this recipe isn’t used in war zones. But either way it makes great sandwiches.

    Taken from Marion Cunningham’s Breakfast Book where she separates the eggs and uses more butter but I got no time for that.

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