Who Moved The Tuesday

Look, i swear I thought today was Tuesday.  I got up, thought “I need to do a post for MGC” then thought “Nah, no sweat, it’s Tuesday.”  I have no explanation for this except for being weird.

Writing a post now.  In the meantime shoot me suggestion on what you’d like me to write about.


  1. Keeping track of Days when you’re “self-employed” or “retired”. 😀

    1. One thing that keeps slipping around here, is to make sure that you give yourself weekends. If you don’t, it becomes one long hard slog, never able to fully rest because it’s a workday, but never able to fully work because you haven’t had a day off in forever, so your backbrain will play hooky in rebellion.

      Second, external structure helps. I’ve met quite a few retired ladies who are terribly busy, because this day is this club, the next day is that club, and then the weekend is full of this fundraiser, then that club’s outing… So their lives have a lot of external structure, and enough interaction with people,with nary a job to be seen.
      In lieu of social clubs, there’s MWF at the gym. (Once you’re past the novice progression on weights, that lends itself well to a Heavy-Light-Medium structure.) This has added advantage of helping stave off the lack of exercise and working so close to a well-stocked kitchen of a writer’s life.

  2. Chapters.

    I’ve got a novel that is being very reluctant to break into chapters and am considering not having them. Is this a bad idea?

        1. That’s correct. I’m 75K into a book (yeah, slow going.) So, once I’ve finished it, what next? I’ve cover art that may work but I’d rather have more options. But—I know there’s more to releasing a book than text and a cover.

          I’ve not seen anywhere, the step-by-step process to getting a book published.

  3. Don’t worry, Sarah, we’re just switching on each other. I was positive that yesterday was Wednesday. Right up until the family gave me flack about putting the trash bins out for pickup, and then getting mad this afternoon because those lazy so-and-sos hadn’t emptied them yet.

    Oh, and I vote for the “chapterizing” question. I’m interested in your take – I don’t have problems breaking things down, but I sometimes worry that I have a bias that makes me too arbitrary. (For some reason, a novel that has a “chapter” of three pages, followed by another one that is fifty pages, irks me no end.)

    1. I find I do not mind that, *IF* those three pages are that significant that they truly are or deserve to be a chapter unto themselves. This is, of course, quite rare.

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