The Hartington Inheritance

Our very own Sarah A. Hoyt inadvertently nudged me toward this series. Last year, we were having a wonderfully rambling conversation in her kitchen and she mentioned that ‘lords and ladies in space is a thing’, or words to that effect. She was most likely referring to the sci-fi equivalent of a political thriller, but because we had been previously talking about Georgette Heyer and other regency romance authors, I took the idea down a completely different path.

And now I have one of the only ‘regency in space’ books on Amazon. I can’t even find a category specifically for it (if anyone knows how to make your own categories, please sing out), though that might be an inability to navigate Amazon on my part. Fortunately, that doesn’t stop me from giving you a link to The Hartington Inheritance. It is the first of three books following Almira, Jeriah, and Lyddie Hartington, as they deal with the fallout from their father’s death.



  1. Enter space regency in SF/Fantasy on Amazon and sort by pub date and your book comes up on top. There is some form of regency in space on Amazon.

    1. Hm. That may be because of the keywords I associated with the book. I’m not sure if those are connected with Amazon categories.

    2. Steve Miller and Sharon Lee did These Old Shades in Space, and the whole Liaden thing is very “Recency” and has a dedicated fan base.

      Do tag your books that way: people who’ve that kind of thing will need to find it.

      Now off to Amazon!

  2. I’m trying to work out a high-stakes sci-fi analogue to Almacks. Young hopefuls given a “season” to find love, but often sold for connections and dowries.

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