Launch Day! Sort of…

So, remember that book that wasn’t out as of last week? It’s here! Actually, it’s been up on Amazon for a couple of days, but I’ve been putting down wood flooring and traveling across the country to spend some time with family for Christmas. So this post is a tad overdue.

The Secret of Seavale- a regency romance with a bit of mystery. Available for Kindle and paperback. Many thanks to Sarah for the cover art!


A cottage by the sea, nestled in a respectable neighborhood. It should be a safe haven…

Elizabeth Markham has run away from school and seeks the house of her godmother, six miles outside of Portsmouth. Seavale Cottage is a place of peace, and Elizabeth will be safe under Mrs. Brownhurst’s care.

But she arrives at Seavale only to discover that Mrs. Brownhurst has gone away, leaving Elizabeth to fend for herself. She finds assistance in her servants and in her very obliging neighbor, Captain Randall, and all is well until Seavale is beset by strange nighttime happenings. Elizabeth is about to discover that her place of refuge holds more danger than she ever dreamed, and she must gather all of her courage and resources if she and her friends are to survive the secret of Seavale.


  1. Aw shucks, I’ve been credited with providing insight to a character in a Regency Romance.
    Just so my poker and shooting buddies never discover this side of my talents.
    Many congratulations on the release, it really is a most excellent book, and least as Regencies go.
    Hey, at least it had horses and ships and swords instead of burners and brooms.

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