Launch Day!

This isn’t my usual week to post, but today is a slightly unusual day- I’ve published another book! In Pursuit of Justice is the second part of The Garia Cycle, a YA fantasy series.

In Pursuit of Justice can be found here, and its predecessor, A Kingdom of Glass, can be found here. Many thanks to Sarah Hoyt for her work on the covers.

IPoJ ebook cover 1.0

Garia and the East Morlans have been on increasingly rocky terms for years, and when Téo and Zara ran away together, they touched off the powder keg of war between their kingdoms. Now they have to fight for their lives while learning to live in a foreign land.
In the Morlans, Hanri and Alia are facing their own sets of problems. He must control and divert the single-minded vengeance of his father King Reynard, and she must sort the gold of information from the dross of gossip in a palace swarming with rumors. It could mean the difference between life and death for all of them.


Happy reading- and for dead tree readers, the paperback version will be coming soon!



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