Live! From LibertyCon

As I write this, I’m sitting out front of the hotel, listening to conversations on either side of me. At LibertyCon, this is hardly unusual. Now, that I’m doing this at half-past seven on Saturday morning… this con doesn’t sleep. Seems like when we came back to the room at midnight, there were still a lot of people actually on panels and chatting and playing games, and…

I’d say this was a con report, but it’s not. This LibertyCon isn’t really about me as a fan. I’m on panels later today, I had a signing, author’s alley, and networking yesterday. No, this con is very personal. I can’t speak to any panels at this point, because we arrived Thursday evening, and I haven’t managed to make it into any so far. I’ve tried – really wanted to see Toni Weisskopf talk about the state and future of publishing, for instance. But while we aren’t at the Choo-choo with the long treks through the gardens to get from one panel to the next, we are rattling around in a huge convention center. But at least the long walks are inside! Also, I can’t walk more than ten feet without stopping to talk to people. So… yeah. I haven’t made it to a panel. I have, however, been enjoying the family reunion.

That’s the problem. I haven’t been to LC in two years, and I’m soaking up conversations like a dry sponge. These are my people, and I didn’t realize until this minute how much I missed them… gosh. Got dusty out here.

ahem. I will be on panels today, and I am going to one panel if I have to walk the halls with my hands over my ears repeating ‘I have to make this panel!’ Because it’s Dorothy and Peter Grant on marketing and Indie publishing and I NEED that one.

Writers are by inclination introverts. Solitary creatures who live in the universes contained between their ears. For months, my family is sufficient within range of my breath. I interact here, on social media, at work. I have rare social gatherings which are largely small and either extended family or some professional obligation. But sometimes, this is what you need. Sometimes, you need to talk until your throat is sore, and laugh yourself silly. And skip sleep so you can go hang out some more.

So that’s what I’m going to do. Monday, I will be all done with people for a year. Well, ok, maybe small groups. And here. And… Ok, maybe I’m not an island. Thank goodness! I need all of you in your own way.


  1. Enjoy your time there, and enjoy yourself a little extra for me. I’m sorry I couldn’t make it this year. I tried, I really tried, but Real Life and doctor’s orders got in the way.

    Ask your hotel next door neighbor about the Handy Dandy Russian Language Traveler’s Guide I got her.

    1. I’m sad you aren’t here, but behave and get better – next year! Also, it’s fun that we wound up neighbors, although we haven’t had much chance to talk.

  2. *wry kitty grin* Aside from you and Sanford, and half a handful of others, I’ve not spoken with anyone – because I’ve attended so many panels. But I approach LC the same way I do academic conferences. Biiiiiiig difference.

    1. We’re at the city cafe for breakfast again. Sitting next to us are Jeff Duntemann, Martin Shoemaker, Laura Montgomery, and then James Young just walked in…

  3. Eric and I are in Chattanooga (my home town) for my niece’s wedding, and we managed to find a few hours in between wedding events to pop in and take a look at LibertyCon. The Con sold out a long time ago, but the Con Chair (Brandy) graciously provided us with two temporary badges so we could look around for a few hours. We managed to attend three panels plus half of the opening ceremonies. It was fun.

    We had wanted to say hello to a few authors (particularly Sarah Hoyt), but the timing didn’t work out. (We didn’t want to try to jump the book-signing line.) We did have a very pleasant chat with Jon Del Arroz and his wife after the Planetary Anthology panel.

    The only other conventions we’ve been to are WorldCon (three of them) and NorWesCon (two of them), but the biggest surprise for us was how similar LibertyCon was to the other two. Ultimately, it seems that fans are fans, and the similarities far outweigh the differences.

    The wedding is today, all day until late, but we’re free all day tomorrow. If anyone is still around, it could be fun to meet more people.

    1. We;’re not leaving until Monday morning, so we’ll be around. Although where around… I dunno. I’m refusing to plan, so it can be a vacation for me. Except for panels I’m on, dinners arranged as part of anthology hashing out I need to make sure Peter gets to…

  4. Hope all is well with LC again this year. I’m stuck at work playing catch up this time and can’t make it. Have fun y’all!

  5. LibertyCon is one of those things I’d love to go to one day. Until then, I’ll visit it vicariously through posts about it.

  6. Right now I’m sitting in the Baen Wives panel listening to Sharon Weber, Bridget Correia, Dan Hoyt, and Bill Fawcett talk about how they met their writer spouses. There is so much wit and humor at the front of the room, the attendees are laughing constantly.

    1. What, all those Puppies in one place, and nobody’s been hurt? Imagine that!

  7. I really do miss all you lot. Still think my decision to sit this one out was the correct one, but at least I’m already registered for next year since I asked them to roll my membership over.

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