After All Has Quieted

Woosh. What an exhausting week. Two days of driving to a convention isn't terrible, which we’d been doing when we lived in the East Part. Now that we’re in the West Part (and about as far so as you can get without falling in the Drink), it’s not two days of driving. It’s five. And... Continue Reading →

Not Enough

There is not enough coffee. It’s been a week. And there is not enough coffee. Children packed, house cleaned, Dave readied (though not loaded, le sigh) and many miles fallen behind, and many miles yet to fall. I write this missive from the surprisingly light and airy Secret Lair of the BbESP and her Prince... Continue Reading →

Uncle Timmy

This is a story about the nicest man in all of Fandom. I first came to LibertyCon because it was a family reunion for family I'd never met before. There were... two, maybe three people at that con I'd met in person, and I'm mildly agoraphobic. At the time, make that more than mild. So... Continue Reading →

LibertyCon AAR and More

Real Life has intruded on the scheduled poster here in a most delightful way. He's greeting his third child into the world properly. So since the blog goes on, even when family is coming first, I offered to step in with a few words. Community is grand. It's a beautiful thing. I came home from... Continue Reading →

Live! From LibertyCon

As I write this, I'm sitting out front of the hotel, listening to conversations on either side of me. At LibertyCon, this is hardly unusual. Now, that I'm doing this at half-past seven on Saturday morning... this con doesn't sleep. Seems like when we came back to the room at midnight, there were still a... Continue Reading →


Sarah is questing for caffeine, and will put up her post in a couple of hours. Until then, feel free to get friendly in the comment section. But not too friendly… I'm watching all you rowdies!  

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