(exclamation points mine. Both of ‘em)

Hey, all you crazy, wonderful writerly/readerly types, our own Sarah, and friend of the blog, Kevin J. Anderson, have a new book out, and everybody loves it! Okay, okay, maybe not everybody-everybody, but right now Barnes & Noble has it in a list of the best SF of May! Kindle edition available at Amazon and Baen Ebooks. Audio at the ‘Zon, as well, for those who like getting their fiction aurally. Check it out, commit commerce, and leave a review.

For those who want their very own, beautiful hardcover of Uncharted, Amazon is taking pre-orders for fulfillment on the 8th of May.


  1. So, um, just what is the polite way to go about hinting to your kids what it is that you want for Mother’s Day?

    You know, just out of curiosity…

  2. “Okay, okay, maybe not everybody-everybody”

    I’m sure some of the Usual Suspects will grumble, but that’s a nice bonus, not a problem. 🙂

    1. *Hasn’t read it, so can start outlining a one star that addresses the author, not the book. Well, a cheap xerox of the author living rent free in some nutjob’s head.*

      “Optimistic well past the point of Pollyannaism…offensive…denies the corruption of the Deep State…liberal Orthodoxy…NeverTrump…wishes to gas and cremate Jews, homosexuals and Armenians…sabotaging Obama’s immensely successful Iran deal because of demographic hatred…deliberately, willfully, and maliciously bakes using gluten, dairy, and the wrong kind of oil…early primary Trump supporter…opposes Daimaou Katoski’s Five Point Plan for Rectification…problematically racist.”

      Very important questions: Does Amazon have a word or character limit for reviews? If Amazon deletes a review for being long, insane and way off topic, do they also prevent you from epublishing it as a book? What tags do you use?

    1. Baen does not seem to have any problem with putting books out on the shelves as soon as they arrive. Other trad pubs have been known to get quite upset when anyone hedges the official release date.

      1. I suspect this bookseller knows it. They’re a tabletop gaming store with a large selection of SF/F novels.

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