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  1. Well, last night was interesting.

    • We ended up at the vodkapundits. I might be a week bit… oh, h*ll, I’d be over the half bottle of eagle rare by now, if my friend in NYC hadn’t kept calling me to through the night, because he couldn’t watch the news with partner who is of a different political stripe…

  2. Draven

    *sends coffee

  3. I figured that I was stuck with the election results either way, and went to bed early. 😉 Made me much happier.

    • Christopher M. Chupik

      Me too. I put off learning who won until 7:30 this morning. I slept pretty well.

    • I started to have an anxiety spell, said “Chuck it,” and asked Dad (who was also up way too early.) And if my computer keeps waking itself up at 0530, I’m going to . . . because Athena T Cat sees the light in the office and apparently thinks “Oh the light noise box is on so a two-foots should be up so I should have food. Where food!!!???”

      • Do you know why it does that, or is it a mystery? If it helps as a possibility, I used to support some computers that had a BIOS setting for “Wake on Power”, which was too sensitive, and would wake up the computer when the power company switched power modes at night.

        • Hmm. I thought it was 1) leaving the wifi connection on by accident and 2) the computer calling home to see about updates and alerts, except I’d turned the wifi off and it still woke up at 0530 CST. I’ll check the power thing. I turned off the alerts (again) this AM, and apparently have to do that daily.

  4. slab1

    Hail to Donald! The Wicked Witch is dead!

  5. I went to bed once I was pretty sure how it’d fall out. But then four hours later, I woke to being the battleground between the adult cat, the kitten, and a cat toy of disputed ownership.

    Bitter, bitter caffeine, how wonderful you are…

  6. I drive before coffee in the morning. Aren’t you glad you don’t live near me?

  7. I awoke this morning to the pleasant realization that Canada’s nearest neighbor can still tell shit from shinola, and choose accordingly.

    The Canadian newspapers collective apoplexy today is almost as enjoyable as the nervous smile plastered on our Prime Minister’s youthful face, as he contemplates doing business with Donald Trump.

    Way to go, Americans!

    • The running joke up in the YT & Alaska was “Americans view Canadian politics with benign ignorance, while Canadians view American politics with active malevolence.”

      Enjoy the apoplexy!