1. I think all the readers are on vacation, too, determined to whittle down their ‘to be read’ piles rather than buy anything new right now. Maybe they’ll come back with new favorites and space on their Kindles, and we’ll see a resurgence in the fall.

    1. Not on vacation, just working on one house while slowly moving out of another.
      Got fridge and chest freezer today, and spent the day removing and replacing doors (both house and fridge doors) then moved to fixing a storm window as well as the glued in place inner “double hung”.
      Will work on finishing it tomorrow, then spend the week moving the rest of my stuff over there.

      1. Heh! This is exactly what we’re doing. Carol and I painted the walk-in closet today, and I’m about to hit Sherwin Williams for a little more paint. The truck comes Wednesday first thing, and we toss the dogs in the Durango and head south Thursday morning. Moving this much house is a gnarly business for a pair of sixtysomethings. If I’ve been scarce here and elsewhere, that’s why.

        1. The big ugly move for me was in May. But the house buying went faster than expected. Gave bid end of April, Closed 26th of May, Decided to paint floors and been slowly moving things there since, but hope to be fully moved in by the end of next week. Just got in from a bit of unpacking, and doing some window work.
          Yeah, moving takes too much time. Someone needs to work up teleportation of goods. Take care, Good Sir.
          Time to shop for the week, and get laundry done.

  2. Mine’s over for this year. 12 months until next vacation. But even after six weeks I have a rather large TBR pile, will keep me busy for several months. So don’t anybody dare to suggest any good books in the near future. 😀

  3. Doing maintenance at a university, summer is crunch time for me. The administration always schedules the big projects during intersession, plus we have three months to fix what the students spent nine months tearing up. This summer has been particularly rough.

    Has anyone else read Aaron Allston’s “Galatea In 2D”? (Baen, 1993). I recently revisited it for a series of reviews I’m writing, and I still love it. Sadly, it’s out of print. If Baen still owns the rights, maybe they could re-issue it?

  4. If anyone is looking for hard SF, I’ve heard from both a PhD in physics and a satellite person, that my research was good on this one. (Also, they liked the story). (Thanks for the invitation to do this, Pam!)

    Charlotte Fisher lives under colliding skies.

    It’s the second half of the twenty-first century, and mankind has reached Earth orbit but not much farther. Orbital debris is a by-product of the industrial activity, and it’s dangerous both to everyone up there and the bottom lines of the corporations offering a prize to get rid of it. Charlotte heads up a team chasing the Manx Prize for the first successful, controlled de-orbit of a dead satellite. To win, she and her team must out-think and out-engineer a cheating competitor, dodge a collusive regulator, and understand the temptations offered by a large and powerful seastead.

    The sky’s not the limit. It’s the challenge.

  5. Open Season?

    “I got this little list and they won’t be missed”. 👿

  6. As a bit of a relief from all this grimness and violence, can I put in a plug for my own personal offering of gentle estapist comedy? The Second Chronicle of Luna City is out there for your summertime reading pleasure –

    From the back cover: Welcome to Luna City, Karnes County, Texas … Population 2,454. Joe Vaughn, the stalwart chief of the Luna City Police Department, wants to keep that figure at that – if he has anything to say …
    But fugitive former celebrity chef, Richard Astor-Hall (formerly Rich Hall, the Bad Boy Chef)now contentedly managing the Luna Café and Coffee – has had a significant person from his past catch up to him.
    The seven-year-old son of Richard’s assistant chef and headwaitress at the Café found a priceless gold coin in the chicken enclosure at Mills Farm during their widely-publicized yearly Easter Egg Hunt. Is this fabulous coin proof of the existence of the fabled Charley Mills Treasure? No matter; either way, the amateur and professional treasure-hunters are out in force, their attention bent upon Mills Farm, the high-end resort property just down the road from Luna City…
    Then there is the major Hollywood movie production company doing location shoots – but what is the movie really about? When producer and director claim that it is a sweeping and historically-accurate account of an epochal event in Texas history, are they being entirely truthful?
    Luna City, where eccentricity is just a part of every-day life. Drop in for a visit – you might never want to leave.

  7. And being in California, I totally missed that it was nearly midnight in more sensible places when I posted this!

    Well, hey, it dodged a blank day, right?

  8. The Ivan the Purrable novella is demanding to be published, so I’ll probably release that before the omnibus, so it can go in the omnibus as well. Folks, never, ever write a story including a cat with a smart phone. Just don’t. It will take over your writing life, bumping other stories out of the way . . .

  9. We’re going to finish the Weekend With Scalzi series this week, so stop by and check out the whole thing.

    It’s been a huge challenge getting the writer’s cinematic ideas into 2D

    I think I may have levelled up as a cartoonist with this one.

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