Okay, a real post will not happen, so

Here is a free short story for you to read.

And for those who don’t know, we’ve been looking for a house to buy.  (A funny thing happened, while looking in Denver, a house that would otherwise be perfect but for a very rough interior finish (on purpose, it was skip-troweled) which would have ended up COVERED in cat hair within a day, in the home office, a computer was booted…. To my blog.  And the handle displayed was one of my commenters.  So, one of you who is selling a Southwestern style home on the outskirts of Denver, we almost bought your house 😉 )

Anyway, the problem is not so much going to look at houses, as it’s the random pings from my husband with “have you seen this” which then start a search for OTHER houses and eats the afternoon.  Also, occasional phone calls from husband/agent.

In the middle of this writing is well-nigh impossible, so I started playing with art.

Part of the problem I’m having is that my art computers and my art materials are all packed, so I can’t do art in the modern way or the old fashioned way, either.  So I’ve been going to pixabay, doing compositions and running them through filter forge till a result pleases me (oh, and the pieces I compose, other than the picture of space didn’t start out looking like spaceships).

These are two that turned out sort of okay, though I like the first one better.

theuniversethrough a porthole1landingondesertplanet1


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13 responses to “Okay, a real post will not happen, so

  1. Isn’t there supposed to be a novel turned into paper for your husband?

    • that. And I have collections for both the buys to format and publish. You know, it’s amazing, but I think this thing of having the main writer of the house be the publisher is not working very well.

  2. Cool! And I agree: the first one seems to fit together more better.

  3. That’s hilarious about the house. Microscopic world!!

    The first art is more all of a piece, but I like the visuals of the 2nd a trifle more. And why are you not doing cover art??!

    • No, no, no! She needs to write! Although, this is a productive use of time when writing isn’t happening. I like the first one. Not just the composition, but you’ve got depth to it. The other’s nice, but it’s flat.

    • because this is just playing with bits and filterforge?

      • Bah! That first one will be an awesome background in a cover some day. Just add Kit and Athena in the foreground. The second one could be used for a cover as well, but you’d have to do more in the same distinctive style for the rest of whatever series it was.

  4. I like the first one better as well.

  5. For a fake post, this seems pretty real to me. 😃

  6. Buy the house, get out the belt sander. Voila.

    • Reality Observer

      Unless it is 100% hardwood and tile flooring – contraindicated.

      One of the things (on a very long list) for this house is to get rid of every unflat (that is a word, damn you, Firefox!) surface that still exists in it. So far only the kitchen has been accomplished. Best traps for dust and grime imaginable are textured ceilings.