Okay, a real post will not happen, so

Here is a free short story for you to read.

And for those who don’t know, we’ve been looking for a house to buy.  (A funny thing happened, while looking in Denver, a house that would otherwise be perfect but for a very rough interior finish (on purpose, it was skip-troweled) which would have ended up COVERED in cat hair within a day, in the home office, a computer was booted…. To my blog.  And the handle displayed was one of my commenters.  So, one of you who is selling a Southwestern style home on the outskirts of Denver, we almost bought your house 😉 )

Anyway, the problem is not so much going to look at houses, as it’s the random pings from my husband with “have you seen this” which then start a search for OTHER houses and eats the afternoon.  Also, occasional phone calls from husband/agent.

In the middle of this writing is well-nigh impossible, so I started playing with art.

Part of the problem I’m having is that my art computers and my art materials are all packed, so I can’t do art in the modern way or the old fashioned way, either.  So I’ve been going to pixabay, doing compositions and running them through filter forge till a result pleases me (oh, and the pieces I compose, other than the picture of space didn’t start out looking like spaceships).

These are two that turned out sort of okay, though I like the first one better.

theuniversethrough a porthole1landingondesertplanet1

13 thoughts on “Okay, a real post will not happen, so

    1. that. And I have collections for both the buys to format and publish. You know, it’s amazing, but I think this thing of having the main writer of the house be the publisher is not working very well.

  1. That’s hilarious about the house. Microscopic world!!

    The first art is more all of a piece, but I like the visuals of the 2nd a trifle more. And why are you not doing cover art??!

    1. No, no, no! She needs to write! Although, this is a productive use of time when writing isn’t happening. I like the first one. Not just the composition, but you’ve got depth to it. The other’s nice, but it’s flat.

      1. Bah! That first one will be an awesome background in a cover some day. Just add Kit and Athena in the foreground. The second one could be used for a cover as well, but you’d have to do more in the same distinctive style for the rest of whatever series it was.

    1. Unless it is 100% hardwood and tile flooring – contraindicated.

      One of the things (on a very long list) for this house is to get rid of every unflat (that is a word, damn you, Firefox!) surface that still exists in it. So far only the kitchen has been accomplished. Best traps for dust and grime imaginable are textured ceilings.

      1. I hate textured walls, but my whole house is textured. Builders do it to hide crappy workmanship. I can’t tack up posters without them getting ruined by the thick blobby lumps.

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