On the ground at LibertyCon

It’s been an interesting three days here in Chattanooga, TN.  Dorothy was supposed to put up a post this morning, but she came back to our hotel room shortly before 4 a.m., exhausted after several hours in conversation with John Ringo and his buddies.  I wish I’d been there, but my health wasn’t up to it, so I turned her loose to enjoy the company while I recuperated.  (I picked up some sort of kidney problem on Thursday, which pretty much pole-axed me for a large part of the weekend.  No fun.)

A particular joy was to attend the wedding of Cedar Sanderson and Sanford Begley, and the renewal of vows by Sarah and Dan Hoyt on the occasion of their 30th wedding anniversary.  Both ceremonies were fun, yet also solemn, and those who’d gathered a day ahead of the Con to attend them were privileged to attend.  Tony Weisskopf brought her reproduction of the Lady Vivamus, the protagonist’s sword from Robert A. Heinlein’s novel ‘Glory Road‘, which was enthusiastically leaped by both couples in honor of the wedding scene in the book.

Despite health issues, I was able to attend the panels and workshops for which I was scheduled.  Dorothy and I presented a two-hour ‘Indie marketing workshop’ on Friday evening.  We were surprised to see so many people interested in the topic, particularly on the first evening of the Con when parties were ramping up and the social life was getting moving.  It seems there are a lot of people interested in the field.  I hope we were able to share some lessons learned from our own experience, and encourage those who are interested, but hesitant, to take the next step.  Come on in!  The water’s fine!

The ‘Baen Traveling Slideshow and Prize Patrol’, presented as usual by Toni Weisskopf, was a delight.  Toni has a very casual, relaxed style, but she’s also a very astute businessperson.  She kept us all alert with her description of what was coming up in Baen’s publication roster.  I’ve already made mental notes about at least a dozen books I want to read.  Her (and her authors’) descriptions of the collaboration between writer and cover artist were very informative.  I’m going to try to apply some of those lessons to my own interaction with cover artists, because we’re rapidly running out of suitable royalty-free art of the quality I want for my books.  I think I’m at the point where I can contract with an artist to produce up to a dozen images of high quality, and ‘bank’ them for forthcoming volumes.  The discussions should be interesting.

Other than that, it’s been a fun weekend.  Normal works of genius will resume tomorrow.  Until then, we have some final panels to attend, a two-hour drive to get home, then a long, loooonnng sleep to catch up on our Z’s!

9 thoughts on “On the ground at LibertyCon

  1. Thanks for the update. Sorry you are not feeling well. And thanks for the picture of the sword, I was very interested.
    Not my style, but then it is Lady V. 🙂

  2. Peter, it’s been a delight to have the opportunity to spend time with you and Dorothy–! Thank you for being so welcoming. I look forward to seeing the two of you again, soon!

  3. LibertyCon rocks.

    Getting to hear favorite authors on their panels- cool. Getting to talk to same? Awesome. Getting free stuff? Never a bad thing (save I had all the books already- wouldn’t have been fair- and I don’t drink, so free wine does nothing for me!). Getting sleep? Didnae happen.

    The people at LC are good folks. Lot of interesting folks there, too. There was John Ringo holding court outside the ConSuite, telling stories. David Weber having a big old time with anyone and everyone around. The staff were pretty darn good, and the attendees were the kind of folks you’d invite to a cookout without a second thought.

    And Peter, take care and get healthy soon as you can. Your fans like reading your books (I re-read some of the Maxwell series between jobs), and look forward to the next ones!

    …Not to say that we’re *selfish,* mind. *grin*

  4. Peter

    I had a blast at your panels. I’m totally new to this idea of thinking I might be able to write successfully. I had no clue about the indie market! I have a tendency to avoid FB, Twitter, Amazon, etc. However, I am looking at your stuff and will pick up a couple next payday. 🙂
    Many thanks to you and Dorothy.

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