Live From LibertyCon 28!

This is Cedar, coming live to you from the beautiful metropolis of Chattanooga, where the Choo-Choo hotel has been taken over by swarms of Fans, and the chatter is all about science fiction, books, fantasy, and just plain science!

Libertycon 28

Registration, where all the badges were pre-sold out.

The day started out beautiful, with a little science project in the consuite, although it was later moved out of the way. James Schardt demonstrated his 3D printer and fascinated passerby with the little machine (photos to come later). People began to gather in conversational groups, and talk about mutual interests.

Libertycon 28

Howard Tayler emceeing opening Cermonies and introducing David Weber

Libertycon 28

A group of like-minded fans

Libertycon 28

The Dealer Room

L Jagi Lamplighter and John C Wright at the autograph table with fans.

L Jagi Lamplighter and John C Wright at the autograph table with fans.

Libertycon 28

The Wedding Reception room party. So many people it spilled into the hall and outside.

Libertycon 28

Our own Kilted Dave and the family, looking spiffy.

Libertycon 28

Our own Kate Paulk and Sarah Hoyt on a panel discussing Social Justice for the Undead.

Libertycon 28

There seemed to be a drinking game every time the word ‘privilege” was used. Mad Mike won…

Libertycon 28

Subspike and his family were there in the audience.

Libertycon 28

The audience was having a lot of fun with the ‘transvital’ concept for the undead. Or is it differently living?

So for today as I am running around the con, what do you all think? Should those souls who are made up of many different body parts be called Assembled Americans? Do films discriminate against vampires, as they cannot be caught on camera? For that matter, should the DMV hire sketch artists to make ID pictures? And if they do, they should be psychic sketch artists for the Noncorporeal Americans. Free Ghouls from the horror of Baths!!

That’s all for now, folks, I will see you next week, hopefully with some sleep to restart my brainnnnzzzzzzz


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28 responses to “Live From LibertyCon 28!

  1. Timid1

    Comfy seats? A convention where there are comfy seats? Outrageous! Why, at ours we have uncomfy seats, and still fall asleep.

  2. Paul (Drak Bibliophile) Howard

    WeeDave looked like he wasn’t sure about “what’s going on”. [Smile]

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  5. Luke

    While you’re there, make sure to hit some of the local restaurants. There’s no place in the country that has better food.

    Of course, I haven’t lived there for over a decade. So I can’t remember the names of some of my old haunts (like the dive Italian restaurant that served fresh baked rolls in bowls of melted butter). And those I can remember may no longer be around. But if you’re eating from chain restaurants, you’re really missing out.

  6. Wee Dave looks just like dad. 🙂

    SJ for zombies!! Damn! I thought I had that idea cornered. shooda knowed betta. Please please please, a full report!

  7. This sounds like a winner, and I’m penciling it in for next year.

    Are there any other libertarian-friendly cons right now? Or at least cons where the trigger-warning crowd doesn’t completely dominate the program?

    • Christopher M. Chupik

      Well, Libertycon seems to fit that description. 🙂

    • Jonna Hayden

      Jeff, this is THE convention to go to…I drove from Oregon to attend, and the only triggers are on the heavily armed guests and at the Friday morning trip to the range. The panels are amazing (VERY science heavy, tons of authors doing readings, etc.) I’m permanently putting this one on my convention schedule.

  8. Albert

    And there was weeping, and wailing, and gnashing of teeth from those of us stuck here in the outer darkness of non-Liberty Con.

    (Do they still have strict 500-people only limit? How quickly do tickets sell out, if that’s the case?)

  9. aAlabamaDill

    Next year in Chattanooga! Congrats to all the newly weds.

  10. I’m jealous! No, actually happy for you: glad that you’re all having a blast.

  11. Sarah looks good! She must be feeling better. Must be the atmosphere there.

  12. That settles it, I’ve gotta go. Next year, my daughter will be off to college, so maybe then. Looks like great fun.

  13. Sounds like it was a lot of fun. Hope I have a chance to go sometime. Cedar, get some sleep!

  14. amiegibbons15

    There should’ve been an award for the freaking funniest panel at the conference, the Social Justice for the Undead would’ve won hands down. *Mad Mike for the win!* 🙂

  15. Social Justice for the Undead? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me there is video of that panel posted online someplace!