I Was Going to Write This Post The Day Before

And have it all ready, but there has been the issue of the stomach flu resurgence.  (What? No, it’s not ebola.  ebola is more merciful  It just kills you and puts you out of your misery.)


So this is a post to say the post will be late and this writer is going to bed.


  1. Hope you recover quickly!

    (Forget Ebola, the current bogeyman at our house is hanta: we have a mouse infestation. Fortunately the wrong species, so far. We’d get a cat, but the dog is more fanatical about hunting cats than any other critter.)

    1. From experience I know that good old fashioned spring traps baited with either peanut butter or soft cheese work very well. The other thing to do is make sure you seal every break in your foundation. Pack the utility access points with steel wool or caulk or both. Little buggers can enter through a quarter size gap easily.

      1. Have you considered raising snakes? Research shows that householders who raise snakes in their basement rarely have problems with mice. I believe the actual figure was 89% plus or minus 3% have “no problem” with mice.

        1. We have the traps with peanut butter/rolled oats. As of noon we had four confirmed dead today, some smaller than others. No one has checked all the traps since.
          Best guess is that either during the time the door was knobless this summer or after the new and very stiff knob which the smaller children cannot get quite latched was installed, the dog nosed the door open, and an uninvited pregnant guest entered. We had no mice for years prior to the rather recent front door issues, so I am pretty confident in stating that the door was the issue.
          Alas, the dog is also anti-snake, though I think the last snake she caught had a chance of surviving when we took it from her (we found out about the last cat she got when we discovered the corpse). And I am anti loose snake. I quite like snakes, but even the toy rubber snakes are banished during rattler season. The dog catches a fair few mice, and the chickens take care of any stupid enough to enter their reach. We’ll get all that are in the house eventually. Those outside, well, the dog and the chickens need something to do!

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