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So, I’m going to be a little late with my post because Benadryl. Meanwhile, have this. UPDATE: Yeah, sorry.  Look, I’m up to my neck on Benadryl, which is the only thing that is keeping the eczema under control.  Not complaining.  My skin is almost normal.  Thing is it makes me VERY slow.  So, the time I don’t have is going to be devoted to writing.  Sorry.  At any rate, Cedar wrote an awesome review about Dave’s awesome book, so you have that.  And if you need something more, Sweet Alice, if you didn’t read it when it was free on my website, is free on Amazon now.  A must read if you’re a fun of my Shifters series.

Cedar Writes

stardogsI know, it isn’t review day. But it is launch day, and I have been waiting on the edge of my seat for this day since I got to read the pre-release copy of Stardogs.

This one is good. Very, very good. I know I can always rely on Dave Freer for a solidly plotted, well-composed tale, with characters I can root for, a world that comes to life in my head, and best of all? Hope.

Which is all the characters in this story have to go on, in the beginning. Ever since humanity first encountered a stardogs, the alien, intelligent but not sentient being, they have been using them. With the stardogs providing vital transportation, humanity has conquered the stars and hundreds of worlds. But there is a nasty secret underlying all this activity, and it’s about to come out.

It all centers around an imperial princess, her…

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4 thoughts on “Dave Freer’s Stardogs

  1. The Amazon numbers look encouraging. #4 in Space Exploration, #6 in First Contact, and #7 in Galactic Empire.

  2. He had me with the dog character. The ninja is pure lagniappe. Although if he pulls a Joss Whedon and kills off Otto at any point I’m done with Freer forever. (Only half joking 🙂

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