So where to from here?

Thank you for all the airline reading comments. I wanted to know because a critic once described one of my books as airline reading – which as they are likely to make you laugh, perhaps they aren’t. I think it was meant to sneer at the fact the book was entertaining but not ‘deep’. Possibly disposable. I was actually quite pleased with ‘entertaining’, and I suppose depth sometimes is more a measure of the reader than the author. For me, a good airline read does not make me weep. It’s a little embarrassing (I was reading the death of Svanhild and Erik’s despair from THIS ROUGH MAGIC, for homework on the flight). For those of you curious about the Zimbabwe visit click here.

It was interesting as a writer and social observer. It’s a society that drunkenly fell over the cliff, clung on to a daisy (the US dollar) and pulled up onto the crumbling edge again, and is now staggering along it. What tomorrow brings is an interesting question. It needs to sober up, accept the consequences and behave responsibly to survive by more than blind luck and the skin of its teeth, but it doesn’t show any signs of quitting the bottle yet.

I’ve returned with flu’ or a very bad cold, to the twin realities of a writer’s life, a royalty statement that is 4 months late, out by nearly an order of magnitude by my calculation with obvious issues, and a demand for proof reading and maps NOW… from the same source. Oh and a small check from Amazon -twice the size of the royalty check I was sent, for 1/4 the period. Small, but correct and on time. Somehow doing more for Amazon has some charm.

And here is the question. I’ve still got some books on contract. If I really pushed I could finish them this year – or in 16 months max. On the other hand, I was working on the stories I’ve thought of which I still want to write, which have been crowding my mind and not selling to traditional publishing. Like Cuttlefish this may happen once it is done – I conclude I write terrible proposals, or at least not ones that sell to most traditional publishers – but the books seems to be popular with readers. So as with Zimbabwe I find myself wobbling along the cliff-top, sipping the Amazon bottle. I can’t jump just yet. I must finish at least 1 and preferably 2 of the books I owe. But the twin realities do not make this easy to focus on. And when I focus I write well and fast.

Like a panster, I find myself trying to work out what the best compromise for this character will be.

No wonder I am a plotter!

9 thoughts on “So where to from here?

  1. So what your saying is you can’t have ‘just one’ drink? Or are you trying to decide whether to order beer or whiskey, or perhaps just go for the gusto and order a boilermaker?

  2. Clearly you need to give up sleep, so as to make deadlines _and_ write for Amazon. Umm, have you ever put up that drangon hunter book? The one you wrote for a moving fundraiser? Or are you trying to sell it to a traditional publisher?

    1. The idea was to sell it to a traditional publisher, and then to send all the supporters a signed copy (basically, take my advance in copies). It’s still unsold. I may end up having the e-book available from my site, on an honesty box system – if you donated to the move the animals cause – it’s yours. Otherwise please put 4 bucks in the paypal tab.

  3. Of course I have no idea what if any deadlines you may have for those books on contract, but how about alternating? One on contract, one indie, one on contract etc.

    I’d like to see more Bolg for ex – and that’s definitely ‘airline’ reading (literally in that I read one on a transcontinental flight), but I suspect that there may be a message or two tucked away behind the humour.

    Mind you I’d also like to see more of pretty much all of your various series…

    1. Basically the deadlines are all screwed to sherbert anyway by ‘new’ books being inserted. Soon is good, but yes, One for me one for you I think is the way I will be going. The advantage with building on series I have written is I have some established audiences for them – So I know I can sell – to readers anyway – another RBV, another PS, another Dragon’s Ring etc. I owe two more Heirs books and one Karres. At which point I am going to have to take decisions, fairly hard ones, based on the sales of books direct to buyers via KDP etc. I’d like to make the transition gradual, but that will depend on contract detail. I’m not mortgaging my soul for enough money to barely survive 😉 I may be for sale, but I don’t think it’s that worthwhile that I have to be cheap too.

      Bolg is on the list – I plan at least three more, which will string togother some of his life.

  4. On a flight to or from Zimbabwe, I’d think even the “don’t make me weep” criterion is unnecessary, seeing as how one doesn’t need a novel for that.

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