Anywhere But Earth!

by Chris McMahon

I’m doing something a little bit different this week and taking the time out to spruik about the new super-cool anthology Anywhere But Earth, edited by Keith Stevenson.

It’s an anthology of space-adventure short fiction, with a great line-up of authors including yours truly.

My story – Memories of Mars – is near future SF set on (you guessed it) Mars. It’s been a personal favourite of mine for a long time and I can’t tell you how grateful I am to Keith for including the piece. It features an ancient AI called Mr Young, a ruthless MarsGov and a central mystery about a couple of very unusual Martians.

It’s now available for purchase Anywhere on Earth (pardon the pun). You can get the anthology from the on-line store at the link above – pbook AU $34.95 including Aus postage. The ebook version will also be available via Amazon and Smashwords for US$9.99

Anywhere but Earth will officially launch at the NSW Writers Centre Speculative Fiction Writers’ Festival in Rozelle, Sydney 1pm on the 5th November – as part of a one day mini-convention with panels on spec fic writing, publishing, reading and everything in between.

There will be extract readings at the launch by Margo Lanagan, Richard Harland and Alan Baxter, and a pile of very thick books (AbE weighs in at 730 pages) at a special mystery launch price.

I can’t actually make to the launch, but if you are anywhere near Sydney pop along for what I’m sure will be very enteraining readings and general writerly company.

Happy reading!

8 thoughts on “Anywhere But Earth!

  1. I’m looking forward to reading your story. Heck, I’m looking forward to reading them all. My copy arrived today and it’ looks beautiful.

    Be great if you could have made it. I’ll be there.

    Steve Cameron

    1. Cool! I hope you enjoy the read. Modern technology sure is amazing when it works!

      It’s a good sized anthology, with some great writers. I can’t wait to see what they have dreamt up!

  2. Hi Chris,

    There are some great authors in this. I’m thinking of getting a kindle fire. If I do it’ll be one of the first things I download. Otherwise I might just have to buy a paper copy.


    1. Hi,Chris. Sooner or later I think we all will end up with an ereader:) I have more books than bookshelves, so I can see the attraction!

      Having said that – the book really does look cool:)

      Enjoy the read!

  3. Got my Kindle version all set to read. Since I managed to find the table of contents I’ll read your story first, Chris.

    And Pam, you’re right Amazon is downright scary. It’s way too easy to buy the next book – even at 4:00 in the morning.

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