1. >Ooh, John. Is that a real photo from your front yard?Here I am in Brisbane, Australia. It has been so hot, the air has felt like soup. Yesterday we had our family Christmas at my brother’s place on the Gold Coast. He lives on a canal. The teenagers swam in his pool, while the adults sat around and fanned themselves. My brother took his boat out on the water, with a toboggan on the back. He dragged it up and down the canal, while the kids hung on. Great fun!But very different from your world.Cheers, Rowena

  2. >Hi RowenaThat is a picture of my front garden in March 2005.Snow is rare in Southern England.At the moment it is 12C here, falling to 5C at night.Basically, it’s a cool Atlantic climate, summer or winter. Here in Kent, we get less rain than Brisbane!Have a great time in the sun,John

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