As G-d Is My Witness I Thought Today Was Tuesday

Yes, I am probably an idiot. Or in the middle of a novel. Which, you know, absolutely comes to the same.

It was only when I realized something that happens on Tuesdays (hush you) hadn’t happened that I went and looked at the calendar.

This is me, hitting my head on my desk repeatedly.

Wait a moment for a post on plot and timing. (I need to write it. and since I’m in Dyce Dare’s head, this will be weird.)

10 thoughts on “As G-d Is My Witness I Thought Today Was Tuesday

  1. in Dyce Dare’s head?

    So, it’s not a good idea to tell you to “stay sane”? [Crazy Grin]

  2. Eh … I was so tired from yesterday, arranging with Cedar the transportation of EXTREMELY SENSITIVE CARGO, that I slept until the neighbors dogs woke me up at 5 AM, and I thought, “Oh, (blank) I’ll never get back to sleep now…’ and then I went back to sleep until my daughter opened the door at 7:30 and said, “Mom, you’re oversleeping…”

  3. Thanks be that it’s not still Tuesday, or Tuesday Pt. 2: The Return of the Son of Monday, because— Anyway, no, it’s not Tuesday.

  4. Although today does have many Tuesdayish elements. Weekdays exist on a spectrum…

    1. I have walked into restaurants with “atmosphere” that included shutters decorating the outside. With no windows behind them.

      So I would certainly like to see a window on every shutter – a sturdy one.

  5. I’m still getting used to being back to a five-day-a-week, regular schedule after working a four-day schedule at a job I was reasonably happy with.

    (Money’s better at this job. I’ve got benefits. And, I have to walk two miles every day to get from the station to the office, so I’m even getting exercise!)

    Most of yesterday, I was convinced it was Wednesday. Today, I’m still not convinced it was Tuesday and nobody told me anything about it.

    (It doesn’t help that I’m still enjoying my long-time travelling companions of paranoia and social anxiety, so I’m having to be careful with every step I make in walking through the world.)

    It’s a strange time. We’re nearing April and the weather is still mid-February. And the mid-February of my childhood when Dad would work back-to-back shifts because of flooding and mudslides. We’re all off balance.

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