Take a Down Day

I’ve been going hard. On a personal level over this last year, I’ve left one job, started another, encountered a real life ‘we have altered the deal…’ and then started a new job. I’ve dragged my family bag and baggage a thousand miles to form a new life in a very large city, completely out of the ken of any of us, I’ve been separated from my husband for eight months in the process, reunited…

In the last two weeks my grandmother has died, the ‘new job’ let me know they would be forced to close their doors in a matter of weeks (barring a miracle), and I had a personal anniversary of a loss. I’m about ready to cry uncle, and still, they put the boots in. I’m job hunting, which is always difficult for me as I can’t usually manage to make it not personal with every rejection, even though the logical brain knows it’s not.

So? I’m going to take this weekend off. My Little Man is off visiting family, and he’s together with his three sisters having a wonderful time. The First Reader and I have no plans whatsoever as the writing dinner had to be canceled on account of the Coof. Frankly… I need this. I need to keep up with the job hunt, don’t get me wrong. I’m working on the resume and curriculum vitae, and I’ll be putting in an application after I touch base with a friend for a very interesting position. I’m also going to see if writing happens. It may. During my livestream last night, I had something of an epiphany: as I’m a pantser, I don’t do well without a significant chunk of time to write in.

I’ll also do art, because art is my sane place. The last six years of making art every day (with rare exceptions) has taught me that the art and writing come from different parts of the brain. Ok, maybe it’s different parts of the soul, although it would be interesting to see if there are studies on what lit up where in the architecture of the nerve center for writers versus draw-ers. Whichever it is, I can make art even when I simply cannot write. Which has led to things like this…

If you want to laugh, relax, and amuse yourself on a down day, get yourself a copy of this definitely-not-for-children coloring book. We encourage you to color outside of the lines. We also hope that you’ll find Lawdog’s pithy reports on the war between his adorable chiweenies, and the neighborhood infiltrators to be side-splittingly funny.

It’s cheap. Get two. Give one to someone you know who needs to unwind.

26 thoughts on “Take a Down Day

  1. Losing your mother and your job after all you’ve been through. That officially sucks donkey-balls. So sorry to hear this. Keep your family close and I know you’ve got this.

    1. Thank you. I’ll just point out it was my grandmother, Mom is still quite active online (I’m going to get a call from her here in a minute with ‘Cedar…?’

      It’s been rough. I’ve been through worse. I’m sure I’ll be able to look back later and see the big picture and it will make more sense. Right now I’m working on gaining that perspective.

      1. LOL! And *I* will point out that when Cedar called to tell me her father’s mother had died, she opened the call with, “Grandma is dead.” And I about had a heart attack, because my first thought was of *my* mother, who is almost 86 and who I knew had covid that week (she’s fine, recovered without any issues!). (I have forgiven you for scaring me, Cedar, but will probably tease you about that for a while, LOL!)

        I think that one of the biggest differences between the successful person and the unsuccessful person is that the successful person, when there are struggles in life, says, “What can I learn from this? How can I do better?” You are one of those insightful people, Cedar. The road is definitely bumpy, but I know you will come through this with your flags flying high!

  2. I hear you. Nothing close to that stressful *taps wood* but this is the first weekend this year I have not had something going on. They’ve been good things, some personal, some work related, but having a Saturday to myself is a gift. OK, to myself and the cat, who does not grasp the concept of “sleeping late on weekends.”

  3. ((Hugs)) I hope your current employer manages to pull out that miracle! Or that you have good luck on the job hunt. I’d say both, but that doesn’t quite work in this case.

  4. If I can buy a thriller to make a point… And I was given a giant set of colored pencils for Christmas a couple years ago that I never use. Twofer! Be well extraordinary.

  5. I am sorry to hear about your grandmother. May this ‘downtime’ weekend bring you some healing. Virtual {{{HUGS}}} to you.

  6. Just got the book today. Amazon was surprisingly quick. After I finished laughing my ass off (no really, my ass is over there in the corner), I gave it to my girlfriend, who is now LOLing as well. She’s probably gonna do the coloring as she’s the artsy one in the relationship.

  7. Sorry to hear about your mom, and that things have been piling onto you the way they have.
    If you had a contract with your current job, payroll gets priority in a bankruptcy.
    If they induced you to move to take their job, you might have a claim in detrimental reliance, and if so, talk to an employment law attorney in your state.
    May 2022 not say “hold my beer and watch this.”
    John in Indy

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