I’m Sorry, I’m Sorry, I’m Sorry

Yes,t he continuation of Elf Blood is coming, hopefully this coming week.  You see the problem is that I need to go over it AND Rogue Magic before I can continue, and unfortunately my printer broke about three months ago.  Call me a dinosaur, but this kind of retconning for me has to happen on pen and paper.

And then to make things more… ah, interesting… this has been the sort of week where things keep happening.  Sort of life-altering things.  No, none of them bad.  Okay, find, one of them.  My coffee maker gave up the ghost on Friday morning, which as you can imagine affects the writing.  The rest are just stuff related to packing this house up and where exactly to rent while it sells and… that sort of thing.  Nothing bad but things keep changing, and you have to go “oh, that.”

Anyway, to make it up to you, The Big Ship and the Wise Old Owl is free today and also I’m having a rock bottom sale on my other stuff, here:

Consider Hoyt for your Holiday Gifts!

Actually it’s a December sale.  Yesterday I was so out of it that I went and changed the prices without putting in “for a limited time only” — though to be fair, it’s at least until Christmas, but all the same.

Witchfinder is on sale for 3.99!

Musketeer Mystery Series is on sale for 2.99 a piece!

So is Crawling between Heaven And Earth, a collection of 17 (I think) of my earliest published short stories.

So is Ill Met By Moonlight

And All Night Awake:

I forgot to set Any Man So Daring but it will be on a sale in a couple of hours.

The collection of the three books, the Magical Shakespeare Omnibus is up for 5.99

No Will but His is 2.99

Wings will be on a countdown sale starting at 99c on the 10th of December.