The Airline Ate My Homework

I’ve been trying and trying to make a coherent post, but I truly can’t.  If you need to know why, go here:  the post is a little political for what I normally put up here.

The compensation for this is that the con itself was wonderful, as Liberty con usually is.

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All the stories are downloadable and yes, a site redesign IS in the plans and will be done as soon as I find time to tinker.  That won’t be today.  Or probably tomorrow.

I promise to blog properly tomorrow… or rather, next week.


  1. It would appear the airlines are taking customer service from the security people. That doesn’t seem to be the best idea in the world, for some reason…

  2. Which is why I’m one of the throng who applaud the woman who turned the tables on the TSA and did the groping to see how they liked it.

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