>It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Genius

Laura Resnick here, surfacing from deadline hell and volunteer-work madness long enough to introduce myself on this new blog!

I started my career by writing romance novels under the pseudonym Laura Leone. To date, I’ve published fourteen romance novels with four publishers.

In recent years, my fiction career has been primarily focused on fantasy novels published under my real name. I currently write a traditional blood-and-glory, sword-and-sorcery, epic fantasy series, “The Chronicles of Sirkara,” for Tor Books, the first three of which books are In Legend Born, The White Dragon, and The Destroyer Goddess. I started an urban fantasy series, the first book of which is Disappearing Nightly, a couple of years ago, then switched publishers; the second book in the series will be Doppelgangster.

I’ve written about sixty short stories, too. Mostly for original-fiction anthologies in the science fiction/fantasy genre. Some current and upcoming books which have my short fiction in them include: Witch High; Better Off Undead (edited by Sarah Hoyt’s esteemed spouse, Dan Hoyt); Something Magic This Way Comes (edited by the esteemed Sarah Hoyt herself); Front Lines; The Trouble With Heroes; Enchantment Place.

I also write some nonfiction. In the 1990s, I crossed Africa overland, from Morocco to the Cape. (I was in South Africa for month, but neglected to visit David Freer.) In a thoroughly nepotistic sale, I subsequently published a book about the journey, A Blonde In Africa. I later became an opinion columnist for several years, for two trade journals: Nink, the monthly publication of Novelists, Inc. (an international organization of professional novelists); and The SFWA Bulletin, the quarterly magazine of the Science Fiction/Fantasy Writers of America. These columns were subsequently bought and published in a collected volume, Rejection, Romance, and Royalties: The Wacky World of A Working Writer (Jefferson Press, 2007); it’s a good read (I humbly assert) for professional writers, for anyone who aspires to become a professional writer, and for book-lovers and readers who are curious about what it’s like to be a career writer.

In my copious spare time, I decided to go to graduate school for a master’s degree in journalism. While there, I won a scholarship to do my journalism internship with The Associated Press in Jerusalem (yes, that Jerusalem), which is where I spent part of 2006.

After coming back, I joined the Board of Directors of Novelists, Inc. in January 2007. And, for about another 12 weeks, I am still the current president of that organization–which you can find online at the BRAND NEW WEBSITE we launched a few weeks ago, Ninc.com.

I have a number of fantasy novels under contract, I still have to finish my #^$&@*! master’s thesis, and I’m returning to writing a monthly opinion column for Nink in January 2007.

It keeps me off the streets.

You can find me on the web at http://www.lauraresnick.com/.

Welcome to the Mad Genius Club: Writers Division!

Laura Resnick

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  1. >While I am deeply hurt about being ignored while you visited all of the 49 999 999 people in South Africa, I very much enjoyed your opinion pieces. DavePS – I have a cousin, David Freer, who is the same age, also married to someone called Barbara, and who moves in the same social and professional circles as I do (in a country where those are rather small.) My mother calls me ‘David’ when she’s mad with me. No one else has for 40 years.

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