Ye Saga of Ye Sick Cat Continueth

On the plus side, we have a diagnosis of the Bugger-cat's woes. On the minus side, we have a diagnosis... Not that it's remotely surprising, since his Buggerness emerged from the endoscopy with the specialist's observations that he's hardly got any normal intestinal lining left and they had issues with getting biopsy samples because it... Continue Reading →

You Haven’t Lost It

Recently I had to reassure one of my fledgelings -- one of the early ones, now very much a master herself -- that she hadn't "lost it." What is "it" you ask?  It is the ability to write. This is a perennial and bizarre fear of all writers. I suspect half of you suffer from... Continue Reading →

Elusive Prey

The drive was long. And I’ve spent the last three days up in the Colorado high desert hills near Montrose. The first two days, we were up before dawn, climbing into extra layers and strapping on extra firearms in case we encountered bear or mountain lion (we didn’t, though I saw a coyote lope through).... Continue Reading →

New Release — Tracked

This is the second of the series I'm currently relaunching. The first, Hunted, is currently available in both print and digital versions. Tracked was originally released approximately five years ago as Hunter's Duty. This relaunch version has been re-edited and expanded. It is currently available as an e-book. (Update: it is now available in print but... Continue Reading →


Last night, I had the great pleasure of seeing Itzhak Perlman in concert. Like many of those attending, I entered the concert hall expecting one thing and soon came to understand I was getting something totally different. My expectations might have been blown but the experience, oh the experience. Let's just say that once I... Continue Reading →


Image: Pixabay There’s no ‘right’ kind of sf (or fantasy or anything else, for that matter.) Only what sells, and it sells – or at least an author – or genre keeps selling (no matter how hard you market it) because readers enjoy it. It’s a big world with a complex range of kinds of... Continue Reading →

Seasonal Releases

When is the best time to release and promote your books? Usually, indie authors look at me and say "Uh, when they're finished?" or they start thinking about staggered serial releases. But in our wonderful world of not planning releases a year out, there's an interesting question: when do you release Holiday-themed or seasonal books?... Continue Reading →

7 Rules for Cover Design

I feel like I harp on this topic. Covers, cover art, cover design... if it’s ever too much, tell me. Here’s the thing, though. It’s not just that I’m an artist and designer and I enjoy the process of book creation. It’s that even though people will say they don’t care about a book cover,... Continue Reading →


NaNoWriMo For anyone unfamiliar with the term, that’s National Novel Writing Month. November of every year. NaNo is a rah rah, gung ho support for fast writing. A site that’ll graph your writing and cheer you on, or nag you, about how you are doing toward writing FIFTY THOUSAND WORDS IN A MONTH! Seven years... Continue Reading →

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