The Well Loved World

  Imagine you were born with a suit of clothes attached to you.  It grew with you. it never needed washing. And in such a way, you imagined it a part of you, part of who you were.  "I'm so and so, and my suit is yellow with a frill around the middle." It wouldn't... Continue Reading →

Dispatches From the Front

Welcome back to your 21st Century Manufactured Crisis! According to many, mostly those in power, the world is quickly sliding into the nether regions of the 831st Hell dimension, where palpable, icy darkness fights endlessly with scorching fire, where the food fights back, all stomachs are empty, and children form bands of feral, semi-barbarians and... Continue Reading →

How Will Publishing Look After Covid-19?

Let's start with a singular truth many of us don't think about when considering the publishing industry. It consists of much more than the publishing houses. There are distributors, like Simon & Schuster which is now on the auction block. There are the various contractors who work for publishers, including editors, proofreaders and even those... Continue Reading →

Twice upon a time

Yes, well, we’d all like a do-over, especially knowing what we know from the first time, the second time.  My life would be less fraught with disasters and bad decisions. Of course, I’d be someone else. They say all this shit is character building and if that is true I now have a large enough... Continue Reading →

The fruits of persistence

This year, I decided I would write every day - and it didn't matter if it was 5 words of fiction or 5,000, as long as it was every single day. No, I didn't decide this on January 1st; that would have been far too convenient. I decided to do it on January 18th, right... Continue Reading →

Inktail: Preparing Art for Print

In this second part of my series where I am making mistakes in public, I'm getting a coloring book print-ready. I'm using the new-to-me program Affinity Publisher to lay it out, and I am using Affinity Photo to get the hand-drawn art ready for layout. Something I learned last time I did this, with Inktail... Continue Reading →

A Linguistic Trip through Time

Without going into the boring details, it’s been a rough month. Not that I’m complaining. After all, unlike pretty much everyone else in the country, I planned to be stuck at home for all of March. So, no gripes there. And while everyone else has been going stir-crazy, I’ve been going passive. Lacking the energy... Continue Reading →

Ye Madness Continueth

Here in PA life continues to be nuts. Supermarkets are... interesting. Items just drop out of stock seemingly at random - with the exception of toilet paper, which I've yet to see in stock. Thankfully we at Casa Paulk are well stocked right now. The Husband is back at work, although we don't know how... Continue Reading →

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