So the last while has been taken up not with writing but with trying to move a house. As in: jack house up, and move it – a thing commonly done – but not often here on our remote island, and not by me. Thing is, it’s cheaper than building – but still very expensive.... Continue Reading →

Launch Checklist

My husband challenged me to compile the complete kitchen sink marketing checklist for launches - including everything I'm not managing right now. What else would you put in here? What do you do? What is your timeline for a release? MARKETING PRIOR TO RELEASE DAY Series:  at least 1 month out, set up first in... Continue Reading →


This is, perhaps, only tangentially related to writing. But it is something that slots neatly into the genre that many of us write when you consider that a lot of science fiction never discusses just how we're going to feed all those people in space. Food production is going in interesting directions at this point... Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk About The Weather

It's quite amazing how much time people spend talking - or more often, bitching - about the weather. It's too hot, too cold, too wet, too miserable, or you're stuck inside when it's absolutely beautiful out. Obviously none of this is particularly relevant if you're writing science fiction of the exploding spaceship flavor - or... Continue Reading →


Everyone has a different breaking point. No, I’m not quitting writing, or anything else in life. This observation comes from my first ride on a new horse. I’m currently without a horse of my own, which is a cause of much wailing and gnashing of teeth on my part. Luckily, a friend has, as he... Continue Reading →

Covering History

  Making covers for historical books is difficult for many different reasons.  At its base is the same problem as writing history: people will rate it as wrong if it doesn't match their preconceptions, even if their preconceptions are wrong.  (There never was, and there never will be a writer of historical anything that is... Continue Reading →

We Continue

It’s been an entire week since Mrs. Dave left us. Food stocks are low. I have part of a jar of olives, two meat sticks, some salt, and a jar of Luxardo cherries, left. The Barbarian Horde ransacked the refrigerator almost immediately, and have begun waylaying passing stroller-pushing Military Mommies and ransoming them for candy.... Continue Reading →

The Power of the Human Spirit

I have no doubt we've all seen the images from Paris yesterday of Notre Dame burning. While I disagree with the opening comments from Robin Roberts this morning that we will remember where we were when we saw the spire falling, the sight of the historic cathedral engulfed in flames will remain with us. So... Continue Reading →

‘It sucks’

  They asked you to critique their novel. You like them, they’re a friend, and you would like to help. And how hard can it be? And then you find out just how hard… So how do you tell someone ‘It sucked. Don’t quit your day job.’? That is, if you wish to remain friends?... Continue Reading →

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