What Makes a Blade?

We’re still alive, here at Caer Dave. The last assault was repulsed with a barrage of cupcakes. It was close for a bit, there, but one of the battle pucks managed to turn on the television, and the Horde is nothing if not easily distracted by the sweet and the shiny. Unfortunately, the ongoing vegetal... Continue Reading →

Tuesday Morning Roundup

Good morning, everyone! I had a post all planned for today and poof! it disappeared from my brain before I could write it. So I went traipsing through the internet, looking for inspiration and came across a handful of articles I thought I'd share. The first has me standing up and cheering because the literary... Continue Reading →

Mixed Moss

10 points for anyone who gets the title reference. Barbs and I have spent much of our lives as rolling stones. We went where the work was, and later, when I could take work with me, where the best school for the kids was. And then… to Australia, where we had to start again basically... Continue Reading →


How many of us have laughed, sometimes a little bitterly, at the little sign saying, "Deadlines: I love the sound they make as they go zooming past?" Or "If it wasn't for the last minute, I'd never get anything done." Yes. We writers feel that a lot, either because of contract deadlines, tax deadlines, or... Continue Reading →

Review: Avengers Endgame

Opened with heartstrings jerked, hard Move to flashbacks I shall love Marvel forever for Pepper’s character development That's the end of my review for today. No, I am not spoiling it for the rest of you! But I will talk about the whole series arc, and what it gives me, the writer, as well as... Continue Reading →


I make no apologies for being allergic to stupidity (even, or perhaps especially, my own). My tolerance levels only decrease as I get older. That's not the kind of allergy I want to talk about today, though. See, it's oak pollen season in PA and while everything is really lovely with the flowering trees flowering,... Continue Reading →

Closing the Door

  There is going to be a brief hiatus in the cover series for the next two weeks because I'll be out of the country and can't get access to my art computer, but I planned to have a post out today, I did. Except we woke up to insurance confusion, bank confusion and airplane... Continue Reading →

Landing On My Feet

Tired. Long week. The children’s disparate reactions to Mrs. Dave’s absence are exhausting. I’m doing the thing where I run headlong into my own limitations, again. I’m finding it irritating. So, per the Irreverend’s advice, I’m lowering my expectations. I do not have it in me at this time to write a novel while Mrs.... Continue Reading →

Adventures in Publishing

The last six weeks or so, I've been butt in chair and fingers on keyboard. Lots of words have been written. More important in some ways, new print versions of all my books are in the pipeline. It's amazing how much work that entails. It is the sort of busy work I hate doing even... Continue Reading →

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