Fresh books! Hot off the electronic press!

New books! Get your brand-new piping hot books here, fresh from the word-forge! First, brand new from Jason Feusting, and excellent friend and now a fellow published author, By Dawn's Early Light! Eric Friedrich was supervising the last ice harvesting shift for his ship's shot-up environmental systems when they detected an anomalous ice comet... Continue Reading →

Space Opera is Dead! Well, Maybe Not.

According to the science fiction book reviewer for the Wall Street Journal, space opera is dead. In his defense, he was reviewing a book from Tor and generally only reviews books from the Big 5 imprints, and Pyr. The book had been listed as "space opera," leading him to muse on Niven and Heinlein, Frank... Continue Reading →

Biosafety For the Mad Scientist

Biosafety is just as important for the Mad Scientist as it is for the rest of us scientists who are varying degrees of peeved, ticked, and not-quite-on-kilter. Without good lab practices, the Mad one might wind up cross contaminating his experiment and yield fluffy bunnies wielding switchblades instead of his intended Rabid Cape Buffalo of... Continue Reading →

Food for thought

Two articles caught my eye during the past week.  I'd like to share them with you. 1.  An Australian school has dumped iPads and electronic media and returned to printed-page, physical textbooks for its students. For the past five years, Reddam House's primary and junior high school classes have used e-textbooks on iPads. But the... Continue Reading →

When Good Ideas Go Bad

So you get an idea for a new story. It's bright and shiny and it comes with interesting characters and a plot that might not be all the way there yet but it's close and you can feel how good it can be. So you start writing. Then it happens. Your characters twist and your plot... Continue Reading →

Cozy Up

I meant to do this yesterday, but I came down with some terrible bug.  So, sorry to be horribly late and perhaps a little less detailed than usual. As in, I completely forgot to save the art in progression.  Which is just as well or I'd be posting this at two pm. Most of them... Continue Reading →

I’ve Fallen

Off the wagon, more or less. Especially if you consider writing an addiction. I’ve been doing a lot of head work recently. Outlining the Wuxia Western novels, research, etc. And family. Oh, Lordy. Last weekend we were (as previously mentioned) in Connecticut for a thing. I managed to convince several of our smallish horde to... Continue Reading →

A few thoughts on release day

Today's the day I've been looking forward to--and dreading--for a year or more.The e-book version of Nocturnal Revelations is now available (the print version will be available in two weeks.) I've known the current story arc of the Nocturnal Lives series was drawing to an end. In some ways, I've been working toward this point... Continue Reading →

Nice little fixer-upper

Reno That’s Australian for renovation, just as a service-station in is a servo, I am Dave-o and Oh is Oh-o. Really. Would I come the raw prawn on you?* What happens in reno is quite different to what happens in Vegas (or even vagus, for the nervous). It doesn’t stay there for starters. Home reno... Continue Reading →


The question came up in comments under the steps for opening a small business post: why do all this work? Why not just run it on the side like a hobby, commingling all your funds, skip the business licenses and all the other hurdles? Why, in fact, are we encouraging you to do all that?... Continue Reading →

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